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How Creatine Works_ The Truth behind The Most Misunderstood Supplement

What Is Creatine


Does creatine make you gain weight?. Creatine is a special molecule that works in the mitochondria of the cell to help produce ATP.


The mitochondria is the powerhouse of your cells and ATP is the energy currency used there.


Does creatine make you gain weight


For this reason, creatine is essential in your body’s energy system.


It works by donating phosphorus atoms (the P in ATP) to ADP which is the depleted form of ATP.


You see, ATP stands for Adenosine triphosphate which means 3 phosphate molecules.


When energy is released, one of these phosphates is lost. Creatine steps in to give an extra P so that once again, you have 3.


Where do you get it?


Creatine is naturally present in your body.


You also get it from your food, especially from animal-based foods such as meat.


Fish such as tuna are also good sources, but you generally need more than your diet allows if you really wanna take things to the next level. That means supplementation.


Why do you need to supplement it?


Creatine is available naturally in limited quantities.


These amounts are generally okay for normal day-to-day activity.


Does creatine make you gain weight?. But if you really want to kick things up a notch and have a surplus of energy for more intense and results-driven training, supplementation with creatine is key.




In this article, we will discuss supplementing with creatine and how to do it for the best workouts.


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We know you’ll find something that will work for you.


Now with that said, let's get a little creative with creatine.


How to Use Creatine: 5 Golden Rules


Powder is Everything


Supplemental creatine comes in many forms.


Capsules, tablets, powders, premixed drinks and as part of a complex supplement formula.


We suggest you go with creatine that comes in powdered form.


Golden Rules


That's because it will be more available to your body and quicker than any other form.


Just remember, creatine forms a suspension when mixed with water, which means it doesn’t dissolve very well.


Does creatine make you gain weight?. When you mix it, it will result in some settling, so make sure to gulp it down while it's still a bit agitated and swirling.


Use Creatine Monohydrate


Does creatine make you gain weight female?. Creatine monohydrate is the best value you’ll get when it comes to types of creatine.


And yes there are a few different types of creatine, such as creatine HCL and creatine ethyl ester.


Monohydrate is a naturally occurring form of creatine so your body would be naturally more familiar with this.


It's also the cheapest form of creatine, seeing as it does not require any processing to esterify it or bind it to other molecules.


The Finer, the better


What Is Creatine


Because Creatine doesn't dissolve to readily in water, you want the powder to use to be as fine as silk.


That's because you’ll essentially be swigging down a bunch of tiny crystals suspended in water.


The tinier the crystals, the more surface area for absorption and action.


Get micronized creatine powder for this effect.


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Stack your Carbs


Here at Life Renu, we often advocate for fewer carbs in the diet, but we need to stress that carbs, in general, aren’t bad for you, especially from low GI sources.


And when it comes to using creatine, we have all the love for carbs.


What Is Creatine


That's because glucose, the most basic form of carbs, actually helps drive creatine into the muscle fibers for more effective absorption.


Some creatine supplements come with a carb component either bound to or mixed with sugars like glucose or dextrose.


You don't need to go for these blends as long as you get a good source of pre-workout carbs.


Seal of Approval


The NSF “Certified for Sport” certification sticker is a must-have if you want to be sure you’re getting the right stuff.


Does creatine make you gain weight female?. This means the creatine you’re using has undergone rigorous testing for banned substances and impurities by the highest authorities on sports nutrition.


There are many dubious products out there trying to cash in on the creatine craze, so make sure to keep your eyes open for the NSF cert.


Final Words


So there we go, Creatine in all its glory, and 5 ways you can use me for a rewarding boost to your workout capacity.


Remember to start off with creatine monohydrate when you first start off using this supplement.


It's the naturally occurring form of creatine. Does creatine make you gain weight?, you can start to use other forms as you become more experienced with supplement use.


Whatever your preference ends up being, always remember to check for authenticity.


Look out for that NSF seal and don’t settle for anything less.


If you have any burning questions you feel we didn't answer for you in this article, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below, we’ll get to it ASAP!



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