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Is There a Difference In Hemp Oil and CBD oil

Difference Between CBD Hemp Oil And CBD Oil

Difference Between CBD Hemp Oil And CBD Oil


Difference Between CBD Hemp Oil And CBD Oil


Since the utilization of Marijuana started growing because of more and more U.S. states are legalizing this herb the industry came up with a lot of claims of the healthy attributes of using marijuana on many medical fronts.


The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has categorized marijuana as a Schedule I herbal compound which basically means that the Herb has “no accepted medical utilization so far but a high chance for abuse”. The alteration of this categorization came with the 2018 Farm Bill with which the hemp plant was separated from the marijuana.


A lot of users and a constant growing number of doctors and health specialists think that using marijuana has not negative impact stating that the plant has components that would improve overall health and urge the medical community to take another gander.


The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that “marijuana is a reference to the dried flowers, leaves, stems and seeds from the hemp plant. This plant has in it the compound THC which causes a “high” and some other components”.


Basically all the health related products made from this plant focus on two crucial compounds – Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and hemp oil. Both of them are advertised and sold as natural health cures and despite the fact that they are quite similar, they have some key differences as well.



CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

Difference Between CBD Hemp Oil And CBD Oil


  • The CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and scientifically it’s famous as cannabidiol. CBD is a chemical compounds present in the marijuana plants and it’s one of the 120 known chemicals that are embedded in it. It is different than hemp because it contains THC which is actually the psychoactive substance that causes a “high” and can be found in cannabis.


  • The THC amounts can differ from one plant to another and CBD by itself is believed by specialists that it has no psychoactive abilities by itself, but it actually have health supporting benefits that help people who are experiencing a wide range of medical problems such as anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and so on.


  • The main compound that the healthcare industry wants is the CBD oil derived from the plant which later on is mixed with other beneficial Oils and herbs to improve its benefits before it gets to the market shelves to be sold to the public.


  • The Hemp Oil is also extracted from the same plant as the CBD oil which has compound known as THC that provides the “high” when using marijuana. The hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant.


  • The cannabis plants have different species and all of them contain different amounts of THC which is a huge thing to consider when trying to figure out is there a difference in hemp oil and cbd oil. What’s important to note is that any cannabis plant that has more than 0.3% of THC is regarded as marijuana and any plant that has less than 0.3% THC is a hemp.


  • The thing that both CBD and Hemp oil have in common with each other is that none of them has THC so you won’t get “high” using any of them.


Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Difference Between CBD Hemp Oil And CBD Oil


The structural or chemical difference between the two oils is that hemp oil can only be derived from the hemp plant while CBD oil can be derived from a few plants such as marijuana plants, hemp plants, and few other.


Another difference is the part that they are extracted from. The CBD is derived from the leaves, flowers and stalks of the plant and the Hemp oil is derived mainly from the seeds.


The hemp oil is usually lower on CBD count (around 3.5%). This is a bit low concentration and makes it unfit for medical treatments and because of it the uses for the hemp oil are different than the CBD oil.


Hemp oil is mainly used for preparing food and adding to your Diet because it’s high in polyunsaturated fats, vitamin E, Potassium, Magnesium, vitamin B1 and B2. However the main benefits of hemp oil are not to be overlooked since it can provide nutrition for your brain, moisturize skin, lower blood Fat levels, promote a healthy immune system and prevent degenerative conditions in your heart and other organs.


The CBD oil on the other hand has a high CBD count (around 20%) so it makes it great to use as a medical treatment for ailments like seizures, nausea, depression, anxiety and cancer. It is utilized in treatments that include bone growth, bacteria growth, psoriasis, artery blockage, high blood sugar, seizures, muscle spasms Anxiety, psychoses, low appetite and a lot more.


They also differ in the way they are produced.


The hemp oil is created using pressing of the seeds of the hemp plant to extract the oil from them which is very similar to the other methods for extracting oil from peanuts, coconuts, olives and so on.


CBD oil on the other hand is produced using a solvent extraction which is a process that involves a solvent like alcohol, butane or CO2 and it’s forced across and through the hemp plant in which case it separates the cannabinoids, trichomes and terpenes. Afterwards the solvent is let to vaporize and what is left is a CBD oil high with cannabinoids.


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How To Properly Use CBD Oil and Hemp Oil


Difference Between CBD Hemp Oil And CBD Oil


There are a few ways to get the oils into your system in order to feel the benefits but so far, the safest and most effective ways to take them are:

  • Orally – by chewing mints, gummies or other type of hard candy.


  • The oral utilization is recommended because it takes advantage of the sublingual gland which is right under out tongue, and it helps absorbs the oils quickly and fully and it’s much safer and easier than injecting it.


  • Through drinks – by consuming drinks that contain extracts of the cannabis plants like teas or juices. The problem is that basically anything that has to pass through the Stomach and be digested before it’s ingested usually loses a lot of its value.


Anyway, whichever oil you choose to go with to improve your well being make sure to consult with your doctor or health specialist to see if there are any side-effects you might want to avoid especially if you’re taking any other medication for a condition because the impacts of the oil might not react great with the other drugs you are using on a daily basis.

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