The world discovered a new virus in December 2019 known as coronavirus, which causes an infection in the human body. The virus spreads mainly from one person to another. You can also get infected if any infected person touches a surface without cleaning his or her hands, and then you touch that same surface. You can be almost 100% sure that the virus on that object is now on your hand too.


Yet you are still not properly infected, unless you touch your face. If you wash your hand thoroughly without interacting with anything else, then the virus will not affect you. However, if you did not wash your hands and start touching your eyes, nose, and start eating with that same hand, then that same virus will enter your body.






The coronavirus infects the human respiratory system, due to which its official name is SARS-CoVs-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndromes-Coronavirus syndromes-2).


You will hear of theories regarding the origin of the coronavirus too, and that it was first discovered in Wuhan, a city of China.


Yet, there are more than 200 countries facing a rapid increment in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. Until now, 4th April 2020, the United States of America has more than three hundred thousand coronavirus cases, which is the most significant number among other countries.


However, there are different reports from different people about the coronavirus, however, scientists are still working on it for the purpose of finding a cure. The fact is that the world does not have any particular vaccination for coronavirus.



Concerning this, there have been some formulae that are suggested cures, and there are several clinical trials taking place with the WHO (World Health Organization) and other public health organizations.


The whole world impatiently awaits a vaccine and for the time when this pandemic ends. For the time being, infected individuals are identified when they display certain symptoms, which are   mentioned below.



Symptom 1: Low to the high temperature of fever

Not all fevers are linked to the coronavirus. If you are experiencing a slight change in your body temperature, it is better to consult a doctor. You can’t be certain or predict whetheeer or not a person with fever is infected or not. There is a proper testing procedure to go through.

Many people from different places are suffering from viral conditions that are seasonal. You should let your doctor diagnose your fever and avoid assumptions because they will only make you worry unnecessarily.


Coronavirus Symptoms
Coronavirus Symptoms


Symptom 2: Flu with sneezing

Flu that comes with sneezing can be a symptom of an allergy because this is the season where many people suffer from such allergies. Again, it is better to avoid making any assumptions about yourself and others. Your intelligence and common sense is required in this scenario; you can have your anti-allergy medicine and keep yourself in isolation.

However, you can call an medical emergency number to consult a doctor. Both of these actions can save you and others from infection. The scariest fact about the coronavirus is that there are many cases where the patient did not have symptoms for at least ten days. There are some cases where the patient has few symptoms on a shallow scale. The variety of cases is quite diverse, and this is what makes the virus dangerous.



Symptom 3: Coughing

Coughing is the easiest and quickest way to spread the virus, and you can transmit it to another person without even realizing it. When you cough, droplets of the virus are released to the open air, and if any other person is standing near or in front of you, he or she will be directly exposed to the infection.


The coronavirus will attack your respiratory system directly if you inhale its droplets. There are different consequences that you might face after getting the infection. To avoid the consequences after being infected, it’s better if you maintain your distance from other people. According to researchers, to keep yourself safe from the virus, you must keep a distance of 3 feet or 1 meter from others. Advise people to cover their mouths with a tissue, mask, or a handkerchief while coughing.



Symptom 4: Sore Throat

The virus attacks enzymes in your lungs, and to reach your lungs, the virus needs to pass through your throat. The symptom of a sore throat emerges in your body within five to six days after the infection takes place. In some cases, the patient experiences a sore throat after two weeks of infection, but at any stage of the disease, you will have a sore throat.


The symptom of sore throat is not like other symptoms, and it will show up. It is not like the other symptoms, and it may not even occur in some patients even after two weeks. In an outbreak of the coronavirus, you are on your own. So, if you feel discomfort in your throat, call a health care provider. They will assist you accordingly.



Symptom 5: Difficulty in breathing

The coronavirus is a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndromes-Coronavirus Syndromes-2 (SARS-CoVs-2), which attacks the respiratory system to damage the enzymes of the lungs. After destroying the enzymes of the lungs, those lungs are no longer in a condition to perform well, due to which infected patients complain about the difficulty in breathing.


Some infected cases experience bluishness on their lips and faces because of a lack of Oxygen. Few of them experience heaviness in the chest. These conditions occur because the virus slowly kills all the enzymes in your lungs. Most people don’t feel any of the above difficulties because their immune systems are capable enough to recover those enzymes and fight the virus.





You switch on your television, and there are several commercials from private and government organizations where they are working hard to provide you awareness regarding the coronavirus.



Everyone must remain updated about the virus because it will help us adopt the necessary precautions. These precautions are not only helpful for protecting yourself but by implementing them, you will play a vital role in preventing the virus from spreading. Below are the necessary precautions that you must take;


  • Wash your hands after touching anyone or any object. Washing hands is compulsory before eating; it is also standard etiquette.

  • Do not touch your nose, eyes, and mouth because they are significant entry points for the virus to enter your body.

  • Keep yourself in isolation: Boycott social gatherings and crowded places.

  • Eat healthy to boost your immune system.

  • Have separate dishes, and do not share your meal from the same dish.

  • If you are sick, then wear a mask, to keep your face covered. Also, isolate yourself.


However, you can analyze that except for a few points, others are standard etiquettes. If you can only adopt the above precautions before the pandemic is over, then you can keep your family and others safe.



People around the world are frightened and feel vulnerable to the disease. This is because we have some understandings of the virus and its nature. However, you should not panic yourself as we have explained the symptoms of coronavirus, and now you must keep your health in check frequently. If you ever feel any of the symptoms, you must isolate and make sure no one comes into contact with you physically.


As the virus is spreading rapidly, you must make sure that you and your surroundings are clean. You can protect yourself from the virus is by social distancing and keeping yourself and the food you intake clean.

Keep it in your mind that there is still no vaccination for the disease, and we must play our part in stopping it from spreading. Our governments and doctors have educated us continuously on how to protect ourselves from the virus.

This is a dire situation, and if you know anyone that is not following the precautions, you have to stop them from doing so by either verbally warning them or reporting them.

Please stay at home and stay safe!


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