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Effects of Cortisol on Female Sex Drive

It's hard to think of sex when you're stressed.


Thanks to cortisol, your libido during times of stress are reduced because of how the stress hormone affects various processes in your body.

When situations are actually stressful, this is fine. Most of us, unfortunately, have high levels of cortisol flowing in the system just as a result of day to day adulting.


Our lifestyle, diet, and even our workout routines can all cause a bump in our cortisol levels. This is troublesome since our ability to control the different stressors in our lives is limited.


So, are you doomed to a lackluster sex life? Of course not!


Thanks to LifeRenu’s Female Factor supplements, you can reap double libido-boosting benefits, without needing to make drastic lifestyle choices.


Female factor pills not only increase your testosterone but also help to decrease your cortisol levels. Unlike other supplements enhancers which do one or the other, LifeRenu’s recipe gives you both effects in one pill.


Combining both cortisol reduction and testosterone increase into one capsule is not only more convenient but more effective.


To understand why, let’s take a closer look at cortisol, and how it affects your libido.


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What is Cortisol?

Simply put, Cortisol is your body’s stress, or, stress response hormone.

When your body perceives a trigger, it will secrete cortisol which works to rectify the problem.

Some of these triggers include:

  • Low blood sugar

  • Gut Inflammation

  • Bacterial or Viral Infection

  • Tissue damage

  • Stressful or Dangerous situations



Looking at the above list, can you tell why elevated cortisol levels are so difficult to avoid? All of these triggers are ones that you’re more than likely to encounter very often, perhaps even every day.


Many of the foods we eat can cause gut inflammation for example, while no one apart from an isolated Tibetan monk can free themselves from all forms of stressful situations.


This is important to consider if you want to boost your libido. The female factor supplement's ingredients were put together with your unique feminine body chemistry in mind, to help fight cortisol on your behalf.


Let's get more insight into how it manages that by taking a look at 3 ways cortisol specifically harms your libido.



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Cortisol Reduces Testosterone Levels

Cortisol and testosterone are not good friends. Studies have shown a net reduction in testosterone levels for every increase in cortisol, for both men and women.


Its generally accepted that men have a higher libido than women, which is due to their much greater production of testosterone. Its effect is very similar in women, and its presence stimulates sexual desire and satisfaction.


With too much cortisol swimming around in your system, testosterone can't do its job. This effect gets compounded with age, as your body’s natural testosterone production decreases with time.


The Female Factor supplement thus has a twofold effect on your Libido. Since it actively reduces your cortisol and increases your testosterone levels, you’ll find what you have been needing to rekindle your sex life all in one capsule.



Cortisol affects your mental health.

Anxiety, mental fog, and depression are not sexy.


Cortisol causes us to think more about our problems, in a bid to help us solve them. The trouble with that is that there is never a shortage of problems to mull over, and cortisol can turn molehills into mountains.


Our mental clarity and mindfulness are also impacted by elevated cortisol levels. Anxiety and depression are other common features of chronic elevation of the hormone.


Overall, you will find it more difficult for you to connect with your partner, enjoy sex, and reach orgasm.


The LifeRenu Female Factor supplements acclaim to be able to improve your libido thus makes more sense. Its ingredients work against the stress-induced mental blocks that affect your sex life, improving your desire for sex and your presence in the bedroom.

Your partner is definitely going to be thankful for that!



Cortisol effects or physique.

Cortisol makes it difficult for your body to hold onto muscle while making it super easy for it to put on fat. Yikes.


Your desire for sex is largely impacted by how sexy you feel yourself. With time, our ability to maintain an optimal physique wanes due to the reduced production of testosterone among other things.


By reducing cortisol, hitting your fitness goals becomes a lot easier, giving yourself the confidence boost that will shine through your sex drive.


Cortisol is not your enemy. The hormone only needs to be kept in check to allow you to live young, both outside and inside the bedroom. Female Factor supplements strive to give you an easy way to do just that and get you having the sex you deserve, and make age just a number.

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