Coronavirus is a MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), also known as SARs (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). These names of coronavirus came into being because it is a family of viruses that attacks your respiratory system.


Before COVID-19, coronavirus was found in animals, but it is unknown whether the virus can transfer from the animal body to the human body. People are affected all around the world, and they are struggling with the rush of new cases. The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared that outbreak is a pandemic.



Furthermore, you can feel sick after 2 to 14 days. Few people only suffer from common symptoms, and some of them barely have any symptoms. Due to this, it is essential for you to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Following are the common symptoms of coronavirus;


  • Sore throat

  • Coughing and sneezing

  • Difficulty in breathing


To save infected people, scientists and doctors are increasing their potential, and they are providing necessary care for infected patients.

Unfortunately, we all know that there is no proper vaccination for coronavirus due to which experts advise people from all over the world to take precautionary steps. Below are the precautions that you must adopt, so that you and your loved ones do not get the infection.


Hand Shake:

Your hands are the primary and frequent source of carrying germs and viruses. We interact with people and different surfaces by touching them with our bare hands. For instance, if you have the virus on your hands and you touch any surface without washing your hands, then the virus will remain on that surface for a significant amount of time. Later on, the infection on that particular surface may be transferred to someone else who touches that surface.


Also, you can transfer the infection from hand to hand by greeting each other. The WHO (World Health Organization) has asked people not to greet each other by shaking hands because is is the easiest way to transmit the virus to another person.



Other public health organizations, including the WHO (World Health Organization), state that handwashing can help you stop the virus from spreading. Washing your hands after and before touching any object or person is vital during the coronavirus outbreak.


A proper handwashing technique includes washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. After that, rinse them thoroughly, either with  warm or cold water. Try to dry your hands with an air-dry machine, and if you do not have that machine, then use a clean towel.



Attend Social Gathering:

Many countries are taking different measures to insist on social distancing so that they can stop the spread of COVID-19. Some governments and legal authorities of the infected countries put a restriction on their citizens so that they do not to visit any public place. Public places like malls, parks, schools, colleges, universities, and other common areas are no longer open after the pandemic.


The reason behind closing public places and restricting people from being a part of a crowd that has more than four people is because of it being a threat to others.




By avoiding social gatherings and crowds, we can protect ourselves and others. The coronavirus is contagious; it can transmit from one person to another, not just by touching but also through air. A person with the infection, can pass the virus to at least 2 or 3 other peoples in his or her early stage of infection.


You can stop the virus from spreading by isolating yourself. We have discussed it above too; most patients do not experience any symptoms, and still, they continue socializing, and they might keep on infecting others as well.




During this pandemic, there has been a considerable number of cases where the patient  did not even realize that he or she was carrying the coronavirus. As the coronavirus cases are increasing day by day, doctors are becoming more aware of new symptoms. Following are the symptoms that are not so common;


  • Few of them will feel tired themselves within the first 2-3 days.

  • You might have a slight fever.

  • Some of you might also have a backache, headaches, etc. However, you may experience aches in a different parts of your body.

  • You might have difficulty digesting food, or you will have diarrhea.


If you feel any of these symptoms in yourself or anyone near you, it is better for the whole human race that you stay in quarantine and advise others to do the same. The coronavirus is unpredictable; every human body reacts differently when they have the virus in them. It will be wise for you if you work from home and contact people through cell phone or the internet for medical help.



However, if you do not quarantine yourself in the outbreak of coronavirus, then there is a high chance that you may get infected. You must keep it in your mind that even scientists have no clue about the consequence of the coronavirus in a particular human body. No one can guarantee that whether it is for short term or long term and how much time your body will take to recover.



Weak Immune System:


You must think about how much you have been eating junk food for your whole life without having any thoughts about your health. Most of us are just looking for tasty food, and you cannot decline the fact that junk food, fast food, and other unhealthy carbohydrate are tasty.


Regrettably, these types of intakes have unhealthy fat and carbohydrates. They can only fulfill your craving and food desires, but they can never help your body to improve or heal its inner system.



The effect of coronavirus can last either for a short time period or longer. For the sake of recovery from the infection, you need to keep your body healthy so that you can heal quickly. Of course, you or neither any scientist can’t declare that the virus is not affecting any person with a weak immune system. Such types of statement are false, and it can push people to keep their lives and others at risk.


However, a good and healthy immune system can be pretty helpful for you to heal from the infection. You cannot maintain a strong immune system by having unhealthy food in your routine. Following are the products that can help you boost your immune system;


  • Citrus fruits like grapes, orange, tangerines, lemons, clementines, etc. These fruits contain vitamin C, by increasing your white blood cells, which build your immune system.

  • Green vegetables, specially broccoli because it has vitamin C, A, and E. Other than vitamins, broccoli has antioxidants, fiber, and other minerals that make it the healthiest vegetable among all.

  • Yogurt and other dairy products have vitamin D and proteins in them, but Greek yogurt is an excellent resource of vitamin D than others.

  • Shellfish is considered as a great supply of zinc. We do not give much attention to zinc, but our body needs zinc to build a robust immune system.


The above list can become lengthier because there are so many natural products in this world that contain all the vitamins and minerals that are essential for our immune system. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, you can make your body healthier and more reliable than before.

The motive behind enlisting a few natural products is only to make you aware of their benefits.



Understanding the nature of the coronavirus is essential for us if we want to prevent it from spreading. As we know it is spreading like wildfire, it is our job to ensure we do not play a part in helping it spread.

Based on the ways you can get infected, it’s essential for you to take these precautions seriously for your benefit and the people around you.

Social distancing and keeping yourself and your surroundings clean are the only ways you can stay protected from the virus. If you don’t follow these precautions, you might get infected, and you might start a chain of spreading the virus.

Stay at home and stay safe!



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