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Best Core Exercises You Can Do At Home

Working the abs and core, in general, is one of those things you don't need to go to the gym in order to nail correctly.


Firstly, your core is activated through stability based and balance based training, which is typically reliant on body weight as resistance.


That means there are very few machines available that can effectively target your abs and trunk, although there are a few attempts out there.


So you can work on your core at home, and you should, fairly regularly.


In fact, most workouts, at home or in the gym will end up stimulation the core to some extent.

Why Do More For Your Core

Your core is the bridge between your upper and lower body mechanics.


That basically means your entire functional competence will be determined by how strong your core is. So even if you have strong legs and arms, a weak core will amount to nothing.


Think of a bike with two pristine, pump up wheels, but in between is a rusty, cracked frame. Not much use is it?


You also need to remember that your core plays other important roles.


Your breathing mechanics are controlled by the core. Your diaphragm and intercostal rib muscles are all involved in squeezing and pulling your lungs.


Lastly, your core is the container for most of your major organs, so the stronger it is, the more protection you have against organ injury.


This article will guide you through some simple but effective at-home core workouts you can do right now.


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And with that said, let's get core crazy!


Important Equipment to Have at Home


Swiss Ball Exercises




A kettlebell or two can come in handy when upping the scale on a core exercise.


This, of course, depends on which exercise you go for


Aerobic stepper

A stepper can function as a great platform for allowing you to create a base of operation for a core workout as well as ramping up the challenge by presenting different elevation levels


Yoga mat

Since most core exercises will be done with your body on the ground, a yoga mat is a good way to stay comfortable. It also helps keep your sweat off the floor and the dust off your body



5 Amazing Core Exercises To Try At Home



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1. Russian twist

Sitting in a supine position with your legs and feet off the floor (just balancing on your butt), you begin to twist your body so that your upper and lower body moves rhythmically in opposite directions.


Keep your legs tucked in for this one.


You can scale this up by holding a kettle bell through each movement


Each twist to and fro counts as one rep. Repeat for 4 sets of 12 reps.



2. V-ups

Assume the same supine position, but this time with your legs straight and your arms reaching up past your shoulders.


From here, fold inward about your waist and attempt to form a “v” shape with your body. Pause very briefly, then guide yourself down to complete one rep.


Repeat over 4 sets of 12 reps.



3. Plank

In a prone position with a straight back, resp pon just your feet and flat forearms, making sure your legs and torso stay suspended off the ground.


Hold this position strictly for about a minute or until failure.



4. Side planks

Similar to the standard plank, but this time obviously sideways. Balance is a little more awkward wit side planks, so try to find a comfortable position first before you begin the count


You will need to rest on the blade of your foot, which can be uncomfortable if you're on a hard surface or wearing the wrong type of shoes.


Once in position, hold steady for about a minute or until failure.


Repeat for each side to complete a full side plank exercise.



5. Superman raises

This lower back blaster will have you feeling and looking like a real hero. Don't be fooled by the limited range of motion you’ll achieve. This one is still quite powerful.


Lying prone. Completely flat on your belly, arch backward so that just your navel is making ground contact.


Hold this back arched position for a moment, then gradually move back to prone, completing one rep.


Perform this move over 4 sets of 12 reps each. This move can be done over an aerobic stepper for an increased range of motion.



And there you go! 5 epic gut-busting exercising you can do at home to get that belly fired up and tone that tummy.


There is no harm in doing these at the gym either, and there are tons of gym-centric core workouts you can’t really do at home without the equipment.


But these are convenient and effective, and we know they will add value to your healthy living

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