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How To Use CBD Oil For Panic Attacks And Anxiety

cbd oil for panic attacks

How To Use CBD Oil For Panic Attacks And Anxiety

cbd oil for panic attacks

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance extracted from cannabis plants and it is believed that it can aid people in the battle against anxiety and panic attacks by decreasing their impacts without causing any unwanted side effects.

Although there isn’t too much research done on CBD, there’s a lot of it that suggests that many individuals have relieved themselves from the anxiety they were feeling, so the following part of this post will be about what cbd is and how to use cbd oil for anxiety and panic attacks.


What is CBD Oil and Can It Make You High?

CBD Oil For Panic Attacks And Anxiety

As we already mentioned, CBD is derived from cannabis plants and it’s rich with chemical compounds known as Cannabinoids that link to receptors in our brain that produce the so called “happy feeling”.

  • The most popular cannabinoid is the THC or the tetrahudrocannabinol that can get you “high” however it’s not the only cannabinoid present in the plant.


  • CBD is also present in the plant but it doesn’t make you feel the “high” and most CBD oils are extracted from the hemp plant which is actually a cannabis plant but has very low amounts to no THC in it. There’s an argument out there that CBD oil has benefits as great as slowing down the growth and spreading of cancer cells as well as improved mental health.


  • The CBD oil can be taken in several ways such as with cooking or even added to food, or as a medication however Smoking it isn’t exactly an explored area so it’s not proven that smoking CBD oil holds any advantages.


  • Since most CBD oils out there are extracted from a hemp plant they don’t get you “high”. Hemp is a plant from the cannabis category and a close cousin to the marijuana plant but it’s grown for industrial use and has low amounts of THC in it which is why it doesn’t produce a “high”.


  • The hemp plant wasn’t created to contain high amounts of THC in it. Even though the CBD oil doesn’t have any THC in it, there are some out there that might have low amounts of THC that won’t get you “high” but might show positive on a drug test so be careful where and what you buy.


How To Use CBD Oil For Anxiety and Panic Attacks

cbd oil for panic attacks

The majority of the research regarding the cannabis plant and products has been focused on the Marijuana and THC while the CBD part has been a bit neglected until recently.

  • There’s been some research done on general cannabis plants and it’s been discovered that it can be utilized to treat anxiety and panic attacks while other similar studies suggest that it might worsen the symptoms of anxiety because of the THC that the marijuana plant contains.


  • So while more research is needed into CBD oils extracted from hemp plants it’s generally better to utilize them for anxiety instead of the marijuana plant derived oils and tinctures that contain THC.


  • It’s crucial that you consider the research done exclusively on CBD oils extracted from hemp plants when thinking about how to use CBD oil for anxiety although there aren’t too many studies on it.
  •  A research done in 2010 discovered that CBD may diminish side effects of social anxiety in individuals with SAD (social anxiety disorder). The participants were put under brain scans which showed differences in the blood surge to areas of the brain connected to anxiety.


  • The individuals in this research reported that they are feeling better regarding their issues but also it showed that CBD altered their blood flow patterns away from the areas that are known to create anxiety and panic attacks.


  • A different research done in 2011 also supported the fact that CBD can diminish social anxiety. In this research the scientists dove in the anxiety of public speaking issue and the results of it were quite positive.


  •  An analysis done in 2015 of many previous research done, came to the realization that the treatments with CBD oil are quite promising in various types of anxiety such as social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder (panic attacks), post-traumatic stress disorder and general anxiety disorder.


  • Although the analysts expressed concerns about the long-term utilization of CBD because most of the data that is available from previous research and studies generally show that cbd oil for panic attacks and anxiety can help short-term but the effects of long-term use are still unknown.


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CBD Dosage For Anxiety (mg)

CBD Oil For Panic Attacks And Anxiety

There’s a golden rule when it comes to deciding on the CBD dosage for anxiety you should take and that is that everyone needs a different dose. It would depend on a lot of variables like weight, metabolism, genetics, diet, product, environment and a lot more that basically make the universal prescriptions impossible.

The best anyone can offer out there are rough estimates of the dose you should get.

  • However the best recommendation we can give to you and what most people that start utilizing CBD oil for panic attacks and anxiety are doing is going for the minimum dose on any product and then increase the dose accordingly.


  • There’s a standard floating around the internet that about 25mg of CBD, taken 2 times per day is pretty good so we’d also suggest that you go with that dosage but also pay attention to your symptoms. If they are getting worse, cut the dose by 25mg and in case everything is going great, increase the dose for 25mg after a month and see how it feels.


  • It’s best to keep a record, like a dairy of your CBD experience and the way it made you feel so you can  easily track if you need to up the dosage, lower it a bit or completely cut it out if it doesn’t suit you.


  • The dosage specifically for anxiety and panic attacks is between 25mg and 75mg and its best taken in the morning after breakfast.


Precautions When Taking CBD Oil For Panic Attacks and Anxiety

cbd oil for panic attacks

  • The risks and side effects of using CBD on short-term basis are basically non-existent according the most of the research available to this day. This means that there are little precautions you need to take before consuming CBD oil for panic attacks and Anxiety.


  • The first thing you’ll need to check is, in case you’re taking any medications, check to see how CBD would work with those or simply consult with your doctor or health specialist.


  • Another thing you’ll have to check is if CBD oil is legal in your state or country because not all of them have legalized it yet. The last thing you need to be wary of is that the CBD oil may hinder hepatic drug metabolism and the activity of some enzymes in the liver as well as some individuals may have dry mouth after using.

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