Cbd Oil For Mental Health

It’s no secret that more and more of the world’s population suffer from some kind of mental health issue like anxiety or depression and if you’re one of those you’re surely constantly looking for different ways to get rid of that feeling and be able to relax both your body and mind.

There’s a new oil on the market known as CBD and a lot of people are asking the same questions: Is CBD oil for mental health good? Can CBD help mental illness? And so on. So to clear things up from the start you need to know


What is CBD Oil?


Cbd Oil For Mental Health

CBD is short of Cannabidiol oil which is a natural oil that is derived from a plant containing chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These compounds (cannabinoids) are molecules that our bodies naturally create when we are feeling good, relaxed and secure or while we’re doing anything that makes us happy like hugging a person we like or care about or even eating a meal that we’ve wanted to eat the whole day. Another time they are produced is while we have a good night sleep and also when we workout.

The cannabinoids, when released, connect to our bodies through the cannabinoid receptors which give away the responses of feeling good. This molecule was found in 1992 and its name is anandamide which translates to the “bliss molecule”.

The cannabinoid framework has a big role when it comes to keeping the body in balance. It is involved in keeping our digestive tract and intestines to run as they should, decreases inflammation and regulates pain as well as keeping us in the best mood possible. There are some studies that discovered that the cannabinoids from CBD can block the dissolve of anandamide and when we have more anandamide in our body it’s much more blissful.

Whether you use CBD oil for mental health or for anxiety, this oil won’t make you feel high. If you’re in the mood for that than you need something else instead. Even though the oil is derived from a cannabis plant called hemp, it has little to no THC which is the compound in marijuana that provides the “high”. Actually there’s some research that found out that CBD can actually block or reverse the negative impacts of THC such as weight gain, paranoia and appetite problems.

Since CBD oil doesn’t get you high it’s legal almost everywhere. In the US it’s legal in 50 states because most CBD oils out there doesn’t have any THC in it and the ones that contain THC it’s in very small amounts that can’t get you high. So that’s why there aren’t any legal issues like you might have with marijuana.


Taking CBD Oil For Mental Health


Cbd Oil For Mental Health

For several years the WHO (World Health Organization) branch on drug dependence has presented large list of issues and conditions that the CBD oil may help with. Some studies done on animals as well as people, found that CBD has a chance of helping people that have feelings of isolation, reduce the symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and diminish autism indications.

It appears as though CBD has the ability to calm the brain and influence the hippocampus, a sector of the brain that is crucial for emotional wellbeing and memory. Another research has presented that using CBD could diminish social anxiety with similar effects to diazepam and ipsapirone.

A recent research which was double-blind and randomized and involved a clinical trial, studied the benefits of CBD regarding psychosis. The research involved 40 individuals who consumed either CBD or an antipsychotic. At the end it was discovered that both treatments had the same helpful impact although the group that had CBD had less negative indications regarding weight gain, issues with movement, hormonal dysregulation which are quite common with antipsychotic medications.

CBD was also studied to see if there are any benefits of it when utilized to help childhood epilepsy and it was discovered that it helped so a version of the CBD oil will be released and used for that purpose.


Is CBD For Mental Health Safe To Use?


Cbd Oil For Mental Health

As we previously mentioned it has been tested and approved for use in childhood epilepsy and the FDA wouldn’t approve anything to be used on kids if it’s not perfectly safe. So it’s safe to use for both children and adults.

The relaxing effects it has on the body and diminishing pain make CBD great as well as the fact that it doesn’t have the unwanted side effects such as suppressing breathing centers of the brain like some other drugs have. With this in mind the concern for overdosing on CBD is non-existent because it doesn’t cause any harm the way other painkillers might.

There’s been medical research since the early 1960 and till this day all of it combined suggests that CBD is safe to use. Doses ranging from 10mg to 100mg per day didn’t show any unwanted symptoms. Another study showed that even a dose of 1280mg a day also didn’t report any particular problems.

The safety of CBD oil was also approved by the director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

In our experience and the experience of some of our readers that use CBD oils, the only reported thing that caught our attention is that sometimes when it’s too relaxing it gives kind of a strange sensation which doesn’t mean it’s a bad feeling but might indicate that some people aren’t really used to feeling calm.

The main thing you have to take note of is that CBD may interfere with some other drug you are taking because of the way the liver functions. Don’t just take CBD on your own prescription, instead always consult with your doctor or specialist before taking CBD or any other herb, oil or medication for that matter.


How Much CBD Oil For Mental Health Should I Take?


Cbd Oil For Mental Health

Basically it’s best to start off with a small dose of about 15mg per day, or maybe two times in a day. Depending on your reactions to the CBD you might want to up the dosage if you don’t feel any changes although we would strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor or health specialist before taking any dose of CBD.

So to sum it up…


Can CBD Help Mental Illness?


Cbd Oil For Mental Health

Yes, it most certainly can decrease the symptoms of many mental health issues known to this day.

Taking CBD oil for mental health is also a good supplement to consume because it contains cannabinoids which are good for relaxing your body and giving you a calm, happy feeling.
Most CBD oils don’t have any THC in them so you won’t get high if you use it occasionally.

It’s been FDA approved so it’s very safe to use and the only problem might occur if you’re already taking other drugs.
Despite the CBD oil being completely safe it’s still best to consult with a doctor or a healthcare professional before taking CBD oil for mental health or for any reason whatsoever.

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