CBD Oil For Anxiety

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD Oil For Anxiety


In recent years a lot of individuals began to utilize CBD oil and hemp oil to treat their anxiety, depression and stress. The farm bill that passed in 2018 in the United States legalizing the industrial hemp plant, it’s nothing but certain that Hemp oil and CBD oil will become a home remedy for a lot of conditions such as anxiety and depression. Although there is still a lot of research to be done to see if whether hemp oil or CBD oil are actually helping people cope with anxiety and depression the research done so far has had some promising results and showed that people who utilized these products reported that their symptoms were decreased after using them.

In order to properly understand the benefits that these two oils can provide regarding your anxiety and later on decide which one is a better fit for you, we first have to look at how these oils impact our brain and our body.

First of all…


What Is Anxiety?

CBD Oil For Anxiety


Anxiety is a very common emotional and behavioral issue in modern day society. There’s a report from 2017 published by the WHO (World Health Organization) that says, almost 264 million individuals suffer from anxiety around the globe. So naturally, doctors and medical professionals are tackling this issues from all over the world, trying to find different methods and remedies to help people cope with everyday stress and anxiety.


Simply put, anxiety is characterized by constant worry and restlessness. Individuals suffering from anxiety have troubles tolerating criticism, speaking in public, making decisions and even asking for a raise.


  • Anxiety can manifest in many different shapes and proportions such as panic disorder, social anxiety, agoraphobia and even PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).


  • So whatever the type of anxiety you have the question of which is better, hemp oil vs cbd oil for anxiety, remains.


The traditional treatments of anxiety usually involve therapy sessions with a licensed professional or psychotherapist that helps you understand reason behind your issue and guide you through your first steps to the healing process. They often use techniques like Socratic questioning, exposure therapy and thought challenging which can help you get rid of your thinking scheme that add to your restlessness and constant worry.


Medications to counter anxiety have also been around for a long time because there are individuals that reach a level of anxiety that is so high they don’t even want to get out of their home or even care about themselves. This is the reason why the industry created a lot of medication that help people deal with anxiety and the name of these medications is anxiolytics. The problem behind these medications is that, just like most of the psychiatric drugs, have various unwanted side effects.


So a lot of people involved in healthcare have turned away from prescribing medications and drugs for anxiety and decided to turn to homemade cures like hemp oil and CBD oil. Many of them believe that cannabidiol affect the brain in a positive manner, relieve pain and lower effects of depression, anxiety and stress.


The first time in recorded history someone used cannabis to treat anxiety was in the 1500 somewhere in India. That’s the starting point for the experts and specialists for their research into cannabinoids as a possible way to treat a lot of brain illnesses and emotional issues.


Now onto to comparison…


Hemp Oil

CBD Oil For Anxiety


The hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant since the seeds are considered the most powerful part of the plant for making oils because in the seeds is where the healthy omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids reside.


The industrial hemp is what is most commonly used to make the hemp oil even though it can be made from other cannabis plant species as well. The reason behind why it’s extracted from industrial hemp is because that plant has the lowest levels of THC which is the substance in cannabis that gets you “high”.


The flavor of the plant, when cold pressed, is rich, nutty and has a green tint but after it’s processed and refined it becomes colorless and has almost no flavor.


A research published by Medscape Medical News who reported that the individuals involved in the research experienced decreased levels of anxiety by as much as 20% just by taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements for 3 months. Considering that the hemp oil is rich with these healthy fatty acids a deduction can be made that the hemp oil would be highly beneficial for treating anxiety.



CBD Oil For Anxiety


CBD Oil For Anxiety :- CBD stands for cannabidiol which is the main cannabinoid present in cannabis and industrial hemp plant. This plant as well has no THC in it and won’t get you “high” if you utilize it on a daily basis. The way CBD oil works is by directly affecting the CB1 receptors and serotonin levels which is the neurotransmitter that has a major role regarding mood disorders.


In case you’re suffering from anxiety and you don’t want to expose yourself under anxiety drugs and medications and their unwanted side effects CBD oil is a great substitution. A research back in 2010 in the Journal of Psychopharmacology reported that studies done on animals and humans show that cannabidiol can be utilized as a treatment for anxiety. And a few other clinical trials have discovered that CBD oil is beneficial for treating many conditions like chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, depression, sclerosis, stress and anxiety. Another positive effect that CBD oil has is that it can decrease blood pressure and it has anti-inflammatory properties.


CBD is also good for treating specific forms of anxiety like social anxiety, which is a very common type of anxiety disorder.


CBD is safe to use on a daily basis, however it’s recommended that after about 6 months of constant use you should take a 3 month break because there isn’t enough research done on long-term constant use of CBD oil. Most people using CBD around the world report no unwanted side effects whatsoever.


Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil For Anxiety – Is There a Difference?


CBD Oil For Anxiety


The differences are quite a few between these two oils and they range from the structural and chemical structure to the CBD count present in both of them as well as the way they are produced. The main thing that we’re interested in is the CBD count because those are the compounds that are known to lower anxiety levels.


The hemp oil has a lower count of CBD in it (about 3.5%) and it’s mainly used as a supplement when cooking but not so much when it comes to medical treatments.


CBD oil however is quite high on CBD count (about 20%) and it’s the reason it’s so often used to treat medical conditions such as nausea, anxiety, depression and even cancer.


So the higher CBD count in CBD oil makes it much better in anxiety treatments then the hemp oil especially if you’re suffering from a serious case of any type of anxiety.


So on that note we have to conclude, regarding the hemp oil vs cbd oil for anxiety we’d recommend going with the CBD oil since the compounds that were found to battle anxiety are present in a much higher percentage than they are in the hemp oil.


However, make sure you consult with a healthcare professional that knows your medical history and is aware of any medications or drugs you’re taking that might interfere with the CBD oil usage.

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