Can You Mix CBD Oil with E Liquid?

Can You Mix CBD Oil with E Liquid?

To answer this question we have to start at the beginning and take into consideration a few important factors that would contribute to the answer we give you at the end, such as the basics of CBD oils. So it’s not a simple yes or no answer which is why it’s important that you read the whole article and not just skip ahead.


Firstly, the CBD movement has been happening in the vaping world for quite a while now, especially since the shadow that was cast over CBD as well as cannabis is starting to clear up because more and more countries are legalizing it. Also a lot of smokers are making the transfer to using e-cigarettes and the vape juice products are expanding very fast and are more and more available and popular.


When you pair all these with the trends that are taking the world by force with the top-notch e-liquids being mixed in with a variety of items such as cannabis can really spice up your vaping experience. Still don’t feel like it’s very simple and easy because when you take into consideration CBD oils you have to know the basics of it in order to fully take advantage of both the recreational and medicinal benefits.


The Basics Of CBD Oil

Can You Mix CBD Oil with E Liquid?

CBD oil is occasionally mistaken with cannabis oil but in reality it’s not the same at all even though they come from the same plant family they differentiate because CBD oil has either no THC in it or an extremely small amount which won’t get you “high”. So in essence the cannabis oil is good for individuals looking to get their relief but it also provides you with enough THC to get you “high” while CBD oil has all the advantages you get from cannabis oil without the complications of getting any THC. Additionally CBD is utilized when treating many different illnesses such as anxiety, chronic pain, and depression and so on.


CBD oil is most famous for its utilization in patients suffering from epilepsy which is the primary reason why the majority of states have taken up new positions on CBD oil use recently. It’s gone as far as the majority of experts all agreeing that a CBD drug that has been viewed as a major breakthrough, should be completely approved by the FDA and if this happens it would be in big contrast to the current federal laws that are in place which render the cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug – which basically means it doesn’t have any medical value.


The breakthrough drug is actually beneficial for CBD oils as well even though they have been getting more and more popular around the whole country because of the positive effects it has on people. The future certainly looks very promising for CBD oils mainly because of the great benefits they offer and the minor to none THC levels in them. They are especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from various medical conditions as well as smokers who are transferring to e-cigarettes and can legally add some CBD oil to their smokes.


The Best Way To Mix CBD Oil With E-Liquid

Can You Mix CBD Oil with E Liquid?

There are various ways to create your own e-juice and mix it with CBD oil out on the internet but regardless of how appealing this sounds on the surface it’s not at all easy to pull off, it takes a lot of time and at the end professional companies that produce items like these are probably doing a better job.


So, it’s best that you get your e-liquid from a trusted source, which cuts your mixing job by a lot. The seconds step is to heat up the CBD oil and mix in with the e-liquid of choice to get to the proportions you want.


Melting the oil isn’t hard at all. You can use a microwave for 90 seconds on a setting like defrosting and it should work just great. In case the 90 seconds passed and the oil doesn’t seem like it’s melted then throw in another 10-20 seconds and check again. If you don’t have a microwave you can always get a bowl, pour in the oil and set it in a pot of water and over heat. As the water starts to boil, the oil will also start melting and be ready to mix in with your e-liquid.


Once you’ve prepared the oil you can experiment with the proportions to get to the one you like. The basic one would be a 1:1 which should be great but some people discovered that a ratio of 2:3 oil to e-liquid is a better alternative for them. The latter ratio is better for individuals who want just a bit of the CBD oil effects but, as we mentioned before, you can always experiment to find your own perfect ratio.


Once prepared, you can mix the oil using a stainless steel spatula and make sure it’s blended up completely with the e-liquid before you let it cool off. Once it’s cooled down, it should be ready to add to the e-cig cartridge.


It actually only takes a few minutes to make a perfect vape juice when you have a good quality CBD oil and e-liquid.


So, to answer the question…


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Can You Mix CBD Oil With E Liquid?

Can You Mix CBD Oil with E Liquid?

You sure can but you have to be careful regarding the utilization of CBD oil because it’s still in kind of a grey zone regarding its legality. There are some states that haven’t made it legal yet and in other states there’s an age limit. It’s mainly because the plant from which the CBD oil is extracted comes from the same species as cannabis and the legal status of cannabis is still controversial and talked about.


Many states are still trying to figure out what to make of CBD oils and the plant species in general so make sure it’s legal so you don’t get into any trouble using it.


Lastly, whether it’s legal or not you should still consult with your doctor or healthcare specialist about the effects and side effects it might have on you, especially if you’re consuming any other drugs or prescription medication at the moment.

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