Insulin Resistance

200 Calorie Insulin Resistance Diet Tips

Insulin is an important hormone that our body uses to convert what we eat into usable energy. It is an essential hormone that is constantly produced in our pancreas and helps our body function properly. However, it is possible that our cells develop insulin resistance which over time may lead to type 2 diabetes.



This happens because the glucose levels in our body aren’t properly converted by insulin and constantly rise. That is why it is important for people who are diagnosed with insulin resistance to get familiar with the 200 calorie insulin resistance diet because it may slow down or completely prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.


200 Calorie Insulin Resistance Diet Tips


What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance is a condition that occurs in your cells. The cells in your body become less sensitive to insulin and have trouble responding to it the right way. This can eventually develop into type 2 diabetes if it is not taken care of.

200 Calorie Insulin Resistance Diet Tips

When your body cells develop this sensitivity your body might respond by making more insulin to compensate for the resistance.


If you have a very healthy pancreas that is able to produce enough insulin to compensate for the insulin resistance of your cells and allow glucose to enter your cells then your glucose levels will be fine but it puts a strain on the pancreas. If your pancreas is unable to meet the demand for insulin, your insulin resistance can become type 2 diabetes.


How Does Weight Management and Exercise Affect Insulin Resistance?

Resistance to insulin does not mean you will surely develop type 2 diabetes because there are ways to prevent it from happening. Healthy weight management and exercise can help you prevent or delay getting to type 2 diabetes according to a study from the Diabetes Prevention Program.


One of the most important factors for healthy weight management is diet. If you were diagnosed with insulin resistance you will need to adjust your diet accordingly and go on an insulin resistance diet. One of the more effective diets you can try if you are diagnosed with insulin resistance is the 200 calorie insulin resistance diet.


200 Calorie Insulin Resistance Diet Tips


Another important part of maintaining a healthy weight and preventing type 2 diabetes from developing is regular exercise. The recommended amount of time you should exercise each week is 150 minutes for adults according to the American Heart Association.


It doesn’t have to be an exercise routine that would put a huge strain on your body. You can start slowly and walk for 15 minutes after your meals. If you haven’t exercised in your life you should talk to your healthcare professional about the best workout routine for you.


200 Calorie Insulin Resistance Diet Tips

When going on a diet it’s best if your diet is made up of whole and unprocessed foods because they contain the most nutrients your body needs to function properly. Processed foods such as kinds of pasta, rice, sodas, and white bread are putting a strain on your pancreas because they increase blood sugar levels.


Avoiding saturated fats is another thing you need to keep in mind because it has been linked with insulin resistance. Try to stick to food that has healthy unsaturated fats and make sure you have a variety of meals that are high in fiber.


200 Calorie Insulin Resistance Diet Tips


Eating plenty of vegetables will ensure that you don’t load up on calories because most vegetables are low in calories but high in fiber. That is why they are excellent for improving your blood sugar levels. Fresh vegetables are the best option but you can also eat canned vegetables that don’t have a lot of sodium and frozen vegetables.


Some of the best vegetables you can add to your diet are tomatoes, green beans, peppers, leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, asparagus, and carrots. Fruit is also high on the list of things you should add to your diet but stay away from processed juices because they can raise your blood sugar levels very fast.


Fruit will provide you with fiber, vitamins, and minerals which are essential for your body. You should try and eat fresh fruit whenever possible but frozen fruit and canned fruit without added sugars are also ok. Some fruits that are high in fiber and you should definitely add to your diet are apples, green bananas, grapes, peaches, plums, and berries.


Eating enough protein is also essential in every diet and some of the best protein foods come from poultry and fish. When eating poultry you should peel off the skin because there is a lot of fat on the skin. Some excellent sources of poultry protein are chicken breasts, turkey, and Cornish hen.


Fish is not just rich in protein but omega-3 fatty acids as well. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for your well-being and they reduce the risk of heart disease which is common for people who have diabetes. Some great fish you can eat are sardines, salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, and rainbow trout.




200 Calorie Insulin Resistance Diet Tips


You can also add supplements that are specially made for people with insulin resistance. A good supplement like GLUCOZINE can significantly improve insulin resistance and may reverse its effects. GLUCOZINE is made with a special formula and uses ingredients that have solid science behind them.


The mix of ingredients is able to support healthy insulin function and boost the production of AMPK. All of the ingredients in this supplement are natural and have proven benefits that can help people who have developed insulin resistance.


The GLUCOZINE supplement won’t just improve your insulin function but also enhance your metabolism and accelerate fat loss. We hope that the tips we shared above about the 200 calorie insulin resistance diet will help you improve your symptoms of insulin resistance and prevent developing type 2 diabetes.


We are aware that it is hard to keep up with any diet so make sure you try our supplement because it can definitely help you out by providing more energy, accelerating fat loss, and enhancing your metabolism.





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