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7 Best Keto Sweetener

Best Keto Sweetener – Lately Sugar has been very unpopular among every crowd and it’s surrounded by so much drama and conspiracy that it rivals a lot of TV shows that are on the air right now which inspired us to search out the best options for keto friendly sweeteners.

Best Keto Sweetener

What’s our best option to utilize instead of sugar?

Not all marketed sweeteners are the same even though they are quite large in numbers. There are definitely some that have existed for a while now and have gotten a bit of a bad talk surrounding them like saccharin. There’s a book out there called The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes that busts a lot of the myths against sweeteners. The book is quite good to be honest although the final result of what the effects of artificial sweeteners are on humans is still to be discovered.

Best Keto Sweetener

Recently there’s been an uprising in the alternative sweeteners market and a lot of new products emerged that are derived from natural substances. Considering that all compounds are the same among two keto friendly sweeteners we would always prefer the one that has utilized more naturally derived compounds.

What makes the following sweeteners keto friendly?

In order to keep ourselves in a state of ketosis we have to be vigilant in controlling our blood sugar levels. If our Blood sugar levels rise we’ll be automatically knocked out of the ketosis state so the sweeteners on the rundown we prepared are non-glycemic and doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels at all.

Why use any type of keto friendly sweeteners?

The most apparent reason is, of course, to satisfy you sweet cravings and sugar as it is will definitely knock you out of ketosis. Every keto rookie usually falls off the ketosis wagon because they don’t pay attention to the added sweetness in all products. There are some items on the market that are marketed as “not too sweet” but, for example, the Pure Leaf Tea Honey Green Tea has about 25g of sugar in one serving.

Another important factor that can’t be overlooked is the increase of your sodium consumption which happens because you eat more meat while on keto. The increase of sodium will definitely make your body crave sweetness to try and balance out your palate.

Where can you use the keto friendly sweeteners?


  • Alongside Coconut or almond flour to make some delicious desserts
  • Sweetened sauces such as teriyaki or soy sauce


  • Sweet Tea, Horchata
  • Bulletproof or keto coffee
  • Any zero net Carb tea you might be able to make

Our Recommended Keto Friendly Sweeteners Rundown

  1. Sola Sweetener

best tasting sugar substitute


This sweetener tastes just like sugar and that’s the main reason why it’s first on our rundown. It’s made of a blend of low glycemic compounds it’s not too sweet and has no aftertaste.

The blend of compounds is actually tagatose, maltitol, stevia, monk fruit and erythritol and out of all these the maltitol and tagatose may pose a problem for some.

Tagatose is actually a sugar that doesn’t have an effect on you blood sugar levels with a glycemic index of just 3 which isn’t much at all.

Maltitol however has an index of 35 and it’s almost half of the real sugar. Granted it is in small quantities and it doesn’t disrupt your metabolism.

Just to be sure the company made a blood sugar test to check the glycemic index of the Sola Sweetener and it turned out to be around 3.


  1. Swerve

best sugar free sweetener


This sweetener we love to utilize for baking as a sugar alternative because it doesn’t have an aftertaste. It’s available in a powdered for and as brown sugar and can be utilized for any type of baking. The source of its sweetness is from a sugar alcohol called erythritol which is keto friendly because it’s barely absorbed and doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels.

In case you tend to be sensitive to sugar alcohols you’ll need to take it slow at first when adding this sweetener to anything.

When you’re reading the labels of products and trying to figure out the amount of net carbs a product has remember to subtract the carbs tally of the sugar alcohols to get your real number.


  1. NOW Foods Better Stevia

natural sugar free sweeteners


Derived from leafs of a specific herb, stevia is probably the most natural sugar alternatives. The only reason it’s not ranked higher is because if you use too much of it, it usually leaves a bitter aftertaste even though there are brands that offers purer varieties of stevia that are less bitter. One of those brands is the NOW Foods Better Stevia.

When used in hot drinks it disintegrates very fast and easy and if you want to use it in cold drinks they have a version of the product in liquid form called Now Foods Glycerite.


  1. LakantoMonkfruit Sweetener


Best Sweetener For Keto Diet

Monk fruit is a really sweet fruit that won’t take too much of it in order to satisfy your sweet cravings and the LakantoMonfruit Sweetener utilizes this fruit to make their sweetener. Since it’s a real fruit it’s completely natural and it has no calories or any glycemic stress.

Although in all honesty they mix the monk fruit extract with erythritol in order to get a more balanced sweetness.

In case you are willing to try a product that is purely from monk fruit your best option would be the Pure Monk Sweetener.


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  1. Truvia

Best Sweetener For Keto Diet


This brand uses a mix of stevia and erythritol to make their sweetener. They make a bunch of products although not all are keto friendly so it’s best to check the nutrition list just to be sure.

The product we recommend are the Truvia packets which are convenient and can be easily taken with you wherever you go and utilized when you need to sweeten your drink. Best Keto Sweetener

  1. SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Drops

Best Sweetener For Keto Diet

This product is very close to matching the NOW Foods Better Stevia but they have a lot of flavors that they offer. It can be utilized to give drinks like water and sparkling water a hint of flavor which we find to be interesting.

Some of the best flavors they offer and what we’ve experimented with are:

  • Utilize with coffee:
    • Peppermint
    • Hazelnut
    • Pumpkin Spice
  • Still water:
    • Grape
    • Lemon Drop
    • Berry
  • Utilize with club soda or sparkling water:
    • Vanilla Crème
    • Cola
    • Root Beer
    • Valencia Orange

The best way to use these are mainly with cold drinks and one of our favorite is an iced green tea with SweetLeaf Stevia because they mix together quite well and it’s a really great refreshment.


  1. Birch Tree Xylitol

Best Sweetener For Keto Diet

This alternative is very similar to Swerve in the sense that it leaves no aftertaste. The thing that we’re a bit worried about is that xylitol is a sugar alcohol and if you’re sensitive to that you need to be careful how much of it you use. It’s also a little bit higher on the glycemic index at 12 which isn’t really high but it’s not 0 as some of the other items on our rundown.

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Best Sweetener For Keto Diet

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