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Best Sports For Weight Loss

Best sports for weight loss – When it comes to weight loss, we can all agree that getting active is one of the most vital steps in improving the rate at which your body sheds fat.


Best Sports For Weight Loss


One of the reasons after all, that the average American is overweight is because the average American doesn’t exercise as much as they should.



We Are A Lazy Society


This sedentary lifestyle is a result of the times we live in. an increased demand on productivity in the commercial and tech sector means than most people spend a majority of their time sitting, indoors or both.


Best Sports For Weight Loss


Manual labor is at a minimum and everything that would have required you to put your back into it has been replaced by a machine or computer.


The removal of the inherent need for us to be physical in order to get things done means we need to motivate ourselves externally so that our bodies don’t turn into porridge, which unfortunately is exactly what’s happening.


So here we are today, with many fitness and exercise options created to help bypass the issue of sedentary living.



How to Motivate Fitness?


The problem with this is that the main motivator for fitness is usually a negative one. This means there is nothing in getting fit aside from escaping the consequences of getting fit.


Best Sports For Weight Loss


This works well for some, but for others, it’s an unwelcome pressure which leads to feelings of overwhelm and inadequacy.


Another approach to fitness is positive motivation. That means, making fitness something to look forward to rather than as a means to escape a negative outcome.


The most readily available form of fun fitness is sport. We already love watching it, so imagine how fun doing it must be.


So all you need to do is pick your favorite sport, do it and get fit right? Well, the thing is, when it comes to weight loss, there are some sports that will work well towards it and others that won't do much.


In this article we will look at examples of sports that will give you both a fun, carefree workout, while also helping burn fat.


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Having said that, let's take a deep dive and look at 6 sports that will give you a fun workout, but most importantly will maximize your fat burning goals.



4 Awesome Sports For Weight Loss


1. Boxing


Boxing is the oldest combat sport best sports for weight loss. It's also one of the first fighting sports to be taken out of the ring and applied as a fitness program that has nothing to do with actual fighting.


Best Sports For Weight Loss


Boxing is great for losing fat when trained in the right way.


What we mean by that is boxing can be trained in many different ways.


You can do bag or mit work at a steady pace for a more sustained cardio workout, or you can go all out at maximum power for a high intensity anaerobic workout.


The latter is best if you’re thinking of losing weight. That is because you will be doing a boxing specific High Intensity Workout.


Boxing is also a great conditioning sport and works all major muscle groups in the body despite only looking like the arms are involved.



2. Sprinting


Sprinting is as simple as high intensity training gets.


Best Sports For Weight Loss


Running at maximum pace is a great way to boost your metabolism both in the long and short term.


It's also an awesome way to sculpt some killer legs.


You can mix up your sprint training by doing uphill sprints.



3. Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a system of high intensity resistance exercises that rely solely on body weight.


Calisthenics is characterized by combining limit strength with endurance, balance and stability. All these components go into giving a full body anaerobic workout that leaves no muscle untouched.


Best Sports For Weight Loss


This is also a great way to sculpt a great natural physique. Calisthenics require little in the way of equipment except maybe some parallel bars and a pull up bar.


This sport has been around since ancient Roman times, but has recently made a popular resurgence with the street workout craze that swept the internet over the last decade.

4. Parkour

Parkour is a sport of French origin which basically means to plot a course best sports for weight loss.


Best Sports For Weight Loss


This has to do with the fact that parkour’s central focus is on travelling.


That means unlike the other sports on this list, parkour has you actually moving and exploring your environment as part of your workout. This adds an extra layer of excitement and creativity to the mix.


Parkour focuses on natural biomechanics and dynamic movement with lots of transitions between high intensity explosive movement, making it a great fat burner.


Parkour is often mischaracterized as a dangerous daredevil sport. This is based on the headline grabbing spectacles posted by top level athletes.


The truth is, parkour is a very wholesome full body sport that can be enjoyed at any level.



Final Words

Well there it is, 4 awesome fat burning super sports.


We picked sports that are common or easily accessible in terms of cost and equipment.


There are many other best sports for weight loss, some of these include:


  • Sprint swimming
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay thai
  • Gymnastics
  • Speed cycling
  • Bouldering
  • Martial arts tricking


There are many sports whose normal practice isn’t necessarily going to burn fat, but which can have their intensity easily ramped up for the desired training effect.


Don't forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions. We are here to help you.


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best sports for weight loss


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