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Best Recovery Diet For A Battered Body


Anti inflammatory diet food list – Sometimes life happens and we find ourselves at a physical disadvantage, either through illness, injury or simply as the result of strenuous activity.


Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List


Whatever the case, your body needs to go through periods of recovery from time to time.


How long and extensive the recovery period really depends on the severity of the stress or trauma you have experienced, but whatever the case, recovery requires adherence to the same basic principles.



The Body’s Recovery Process


For your body to bounce back from stress or trauma, it typically undergoes 3 stages of healing or recovery.


These are inflammation, proliferation, and maturation.





The initial stage of the recovery process. This takes place both as a protective countermeasure and as a way to signal for assistance.


Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List


Inflammation is characterized by local sweating of the affected region or regions. In the case of an open wound or traumatized area, the locality will be obvious in that spot.


Inflammation that results from the rigorous activity will be more evenly distributed, giving muscles a more pumped look as an example. Inflammation caused by disease or infection might be harder to pinpoint as it may be internal or distributed across the body in different regions.


Whatever the case, inflammation results in fluid accumulation and an increase in blood flow. The aim is to cordon off the site and start bringing in the rescue, repair and defense systems onboard.





This is the actual repair phase of healing. Once an infection has been fought off, a wound has sealed or a strained muscle has rested, the disrupted area(s) begin slowly reconstituting with new cells in order to replace lost tissue.


Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List


During this period, the circulatory system works overtime to provide nutrients and oxygen for the rebuild.





The final phase in the healing process where the site of previous trauma is now remodeled and reactivated for normal use.


Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List


All the extra resources called on during inflammation and used during proliferation are now rolled back. That includes all the new blood vessels as well as the immune system components that were previously necessary.



Healing Takes Time


The important thing to remember during this 3 step process is patience.


Recovery takes time sometimes, especially if what kicked it off was quite severe or strenuous.


Even in the maturation phase, your body still needs to ease into the newly developed cells and tissue, so taking it easy is a must.


Another important consideration at this time is your nutrition.


In this article, we’re going to look at nutrition and which types of nutrients can help speed up the healing and recovery process.


We will also discuss sources and supplemental options. So without further ado, let’s look at 5 great nutrients for healing and recovery.



5 Nutrient Sources For Faster Recovery And Healing




Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List


Protein is pretty obvious isn’t it. Most of the tissue damage you could possibly experience has something to do with protein.


This is especially true for skin and muscle. From a structural repair perspective, protein is one you can’t skimp on.


But it doesn’t stop there. That’s because protein is more than just a structural raw material. It is an important component in carrier and catalyst molecules.


For example, hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen through your bloodstream, is a protein. All the enzymes involved in the functions concerning the healing process are all protein-based.


Recovery mode is definitely a point in time where protein requirements go up.


Most balanced meals will give you enough protein, but you can supplement as well with the various different options such as whey protein.


Zinc Sources

Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List


Zinc is vital in the healing process in all 3 steps. Anti inflammatory diet food list it provides support during inflammation, assisting with clotting and coagulation. It also acts as an antioxidant and antimicrobial, supporting the immune system during this phase.


Zinc also assists with membrane repair and cellular genesis as well as the rebuild of new tissues.


Zinc is an essential nutrient, so you should be getting plenty in your diet anyway.


You can get zinc from shellfish, dairy, and meat as well as in a supplemental form.



Iron-Rich Foods


Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List


Another essential mineral is iron.


This one has the very direct but crucial role of supplying oxygen to affected sites.


Iron attached to hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein found in red blood cells.


During recovery, oxygen is in extremely high demand, so it pays to have some extra iron floating around.


Red meat and organ meats are probably your richest iron sources, although it can easily be supplemented.





Antioxidants are very important during recovery.


Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List


That’s because of all the new cell generation going on and how sensitive these baby cells are to oxidative stress.


In order to protect new tissue during this delicate process, load up on antioxidants.


Foods containing antioxidants will often be characterized by deep, rich colors and or flavors/aromas.


Examples of anti inflammatory diet food list include leafy greens, berries (blueberries, raspberries, Aronia berries), spices and herbs (ginger, cumin, oregano).


Antioxidants also come from essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium to name a few.



Anti-inflammatory Foods


Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List


While inflammation is a necessary step in the healing process, you can and should do the most you can within the realm of healthy practice to speed it along.


That’s why ice therapy is often a go-to treatment for trauma-related inflammation.


You can also speed up the inflammation phase through good nutrition.


Anti inflammatory diet food list such as turmeric and ginger contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, the likes of which stand toe-to-toe with drug-based anti-inflammatories in many respects.




Healing takes time. This is as true for any form of recovery.


The most useful therapy is rest and patience, but a good, balanced diet will definitely ease the process and make things happen quicker as vital resources are delivered to where they are needed.

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