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6 Most recommended fitness apps by personal trainers

Best personal trainer app – “There’s an app for everything” as the saying goes.


These days, the world of health and fitness has seen its fair share of apps saturate the scene.


Best Personal Trainer App


When faced with so many options, it's hard to decide which is good and which is potentially useless.


Even in the most honest of industries, a few half baked goods and even total scams are likely to pop up. So how do you go about choosing the right app for your fitness goals?.



Why Use an App?


Firstly, let's consider if using a fitness app is worth it or not in the first place.


What do these digital interfaces offer us in terms of added value to our lives and health?


Best Personal Trainer App


Well, for one, it's convenient as anything. Having an app that monitors your heart rate and estimates your energy expenditure is one hell of a convenience.


Not too long ago, you would need big, clunky pieces of equipment or even a doctor’s appointment to get your hands on such data.


Today you can do it with the touch of a button or a flick of the wrist.



How to Know Which Is Best Personal Trainer App


In order to know which app is suitable for you, you need to have a clear idea of what your fitness goals are.


Best Personal Trainer App


For some, simply tracking activity is enough. A step counter or a run tracker will suffice in this regard.


For others, lifestyle management is the main priority. So an app that helps organize and manage healthy habits like food and water is great.


Some like a challenge, so apps that set periodic challenges and fitness targets are the go-to.


Whatever the reason, there are so many apps in each category, and as we said, some are fantastic, while others are downright awful.


The best way to know which apps are the right ones for you would be checking out the reviews. This, however, can be a bit misleading. Reviews are easily manipulated in some cases.


That's why we decided to turn to the experts and gain a few recommendations from trainers in the field.


This article will give you 9 fitness apps recommended by personal trainers. That way you know you’re using the best.


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And without further ado, let's get into it.



6 Most recommended fitness apps by personal trainers


1. Myfitnesspal


Myfitnesspal is best personal trainer app, smartphone and browser app designed to help you track your calories and plan meals so you can hit your calorie goals for desired weight management.


Best Personal Trainer App


The app works by calculating food values based on typical values of certain foods and can also read barcodes off food packaging to retrieve its values.


The app also has a gamification element, which means it challenges you to hit your targets, adding extra motivation.



2. Fitbit


The Fitbit if Best personal trainer app actually accompanies a whole suite of fitness-based hardware of the same brand. It’s the operating system for a range of wearable fitness technologies and also has a mobile app.


Best Personal Trainer App


It tracks status and activity related to health and fitness such as heart rate, steps, sleep and other bits of fitness data.



3. Samsung Fitness Pal


This is best personal trainer app comes caked into most recent Samsung smartphone models. It's rated one of the best fitness assistants, keeping track of your food, sleep, steps, and other vital habits

Best Personal Trainer App

You’ll need a Samsung device and Samsung account for this one.



4. Daily Burn


Daily burn is a popular app whose availability reaches beyond just your mobile phone.


Best Personal Trainer App

You can use daily burn as a home video workout guide through Apple TV. with live-streamed workouts, this app is a throwback to the good old days of televised morning aerobics.



5. Down Dog


For the yoga enthusiasts out there, Down Dog offers a great way to get your flow in the convenience of a mobile app.


Best Personal Trainer App


Each time you log in, you get a new yoga flow routine to work with, keeping things fresh and keeping your energy aligned.



6. Strava

Best Personal Trainer App

A social network with a fitness twist. That's because it is fitness oriented, designed to give your workouts a place with others.


Set personal and group goals, create and take challenges, trace your activity using GPS and track your progress as you level up.





So there we go, 6 amazing fitness apps as recommended by fitness experts to their clients. There are other amazing apps you can try out for sure, such as:


  • Mapmyrun
  • Sweat Coin
  • Nike Training App
  • 30 day Ab Challenge


The six we mentioned just happen to be the most robust and versatile in their sub-categories.


Be sure to drop us a line in the comment section below if you have any questions related to this or other articles. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Until next time, stay well.


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Best Personal Trainer App

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