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Best Partner Workouts

Best partner workouts, working out can be a tedious chore. The major hindrance is self-motivation. Bringing yourself round to training can be an effort in itself, especially if you’ve never really been into fitness or are currently experiencing a slump.


Best Partner Workouts


Even if you know what you’re doing, even if you are a fitness pro or athlete, there are many times when the motivation to get your butt into action just isn’t there. Clearly, something needs to be done, but what do you do?


Well, you could always get a personal trainer. Accountability is one of the greatest forms of motivation, and what’s better than a form of accountability that also improves the quality and results of your workouts.


That’s all well and good, but what if you don’t need or can’t afford a fitness professional to guide you through it and give you a kick in the butt when necessary?


Maybe you’ll want to consider a gym buddy or training partner. That way you get the benefits of external accountability towards motivating yours, while also saving money, having a bit of fun and doing the good deed of motivating your partner in return.


Why Partner Workouts Are So Cool ? Besides what we just mentioned, partner workouts are a great way to motivate training simply because of a few natural human characteristics that kick in when we find ourselves in a group setting.


Best Partner Workouts


We are social creatures, a trait developed as an aid to survival. When we interact with other humans, we develop a keen need to impress each other. This is in order to display our usefulness to a group, tribe, ally or potential mate.


This need to display value is a powerful motivator and often helps people push past mental barriers they would otherwise not be bothered to cross alone.


Another reason we ramp up in motivation in the presence of others is due to competitive drive. Competition is a means to elevating ourselves within a hierarchy. The higher you are in a hierarchy, the more benefits you have access to.


The last reason training with a partner is awesome is the bonding effect of sharing a struggle or challenge. Unified success is so much sweeter than an individual victory.


5 Best Partner Workouts


Burpee Jump Overs

Imagine a burpee, but it's fun? Hard to imagine right? Well, that’s until you try the burpee jump over with a partner. This cardio monster exercise will give you a nice burn while allowing you and your partner to push each other for added effect.


Best Partner Workouts


Simply perform a burpee by jumping laterally over your training partner who should be in a spiral position, taking care not to land on them of course. Once you jump over and sprawl, wait in this position until your partner has successfully done the same.


Remember to the alternate direction for an even effect.


Tandem Cycle Crunches

With both of you lying on your backs facing each other, place your feet on each other and perform bicycle crunches.


Best Partner Workouts


Bicycle crunches are done by crunching up contralaterally so that one elbow touches the opposite knee while your legs move as if you’re riding a bike. This is a fun way to engage the core while focusing on a silly challenge.


Arm-in-arm Squats

This is a bodyweight squat workout that helps you stay steady through the movement using the counterweight of your partner for balance.


Best Partner Workouts


Simply grip each others forearms and stand a reasonable distance apart while facing each other. Lean back, using each other’s weight as support and begin your squats. Make sure your movements are synchronized for maximum effect.


Shoulder Tap Push-Ups

Take your push-ups to the next level with your partner.


Best Partner Workouts


Perform your standard push-ups while facing each other. At the top of each push-up, extend one hand out and tap your partner’s shoulder whilst having them do the same. Alternate shoulders with each rep.


Sit Up Ball Pass

Last but not least is another amazing core workout to do with a friend, family member or significant other.


Best Partner Workouts


While lying on your back, facing each other, one of you will have a medicine ball. As you perform a sit-up, the one with the ball will pass it over to the other at the top of the sit. The receiver will then go back down with the ball in hand and the process begins again. This one is great for stabilization and mental coordination.



There you go, 5 amazing partner workouts you can try today for extra fun and highly motivated workout. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below

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