The Best Home Workout Equipment

Best overall exercise equipment for home one of the best thing, if not the most important thing you can invest in is your health, as the saying goes, “health is wealth”


So what does investing in your health really mean. Well, you could look at it as literally investing.


No Gym, No Problem?


The Best Home Workout Equipment


Paying for expensive gym memberships, personal trainers and online programs. The best home workout equipment, these are definitely worthy investments.


Best overall exercise equipment for home, but you might not have the time or want to spend the money.


So what do you do? Well, you could always just head out for a run.


The only drawback with that is it offers a very limited range of health and fitness outcomes.


To truly engage your body and get a worthwhile workout without investing in gym and trainers, you’ll need to at least look at creative at home solutions.


You can start with at home body weight workouts, but what do you do when you want to take it up a level and really test your fitness.


Workout at Home.

This article will look at the best home fitness equipment you can get in order to invest in your health while taking convenience and cost.


best overall exercise equipment for home


We won’t be looking at any of that infomercial “instant ab” nonsense.


This article will guide you 7 tried and tested Exercise tools adapted from more robust gym machines and equipment.


This stuff challenges your limit but fits comfortably in your home.


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Without further ado, let's have a look at the 6 best pieces of home workout equipment.


6 The Best Home Workout Equipment

1. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great weight companion to include in your home workout kit.


They offer a similar range of resistance load as their older cousin, the dumbbell.

The Best Home Workout Equipment

The edge kettlebells have over dumbbells however, the best home workout equipment. The ability to be swung around.


Because kettlebells are designed so that the grip and the load are located from each other as opposed to within each other.


This allows them to be swung and carried much easier than dumbbells.


This profile allows for some intense Workouts that combine resistance training with high intensity cardio.


Best overall exercise equipment for home, The kettlebell swing is a classic example of this.


2. Resistance bands.

Resistance bands are a great substitute for heavy weights, cables and machines.


These are specialized latex bands that can be stretched in similar lines of force and angles as you would with free or fixed weight.


best overall exercise equipment for home


The resistance offered by the degree of elasticity means that you get the same training effect as a heavy chunk of metal in an object a child could throw around like nothing.


A great thing about resistance bands is they offer a very unique experience compared to weights.


That's because resistance increases with contraction, whereas weight resistance maintains the same force throughout a contraction.


In simple terms, the further you stretch a rubber band, the harder it is to stretch it even more.


This gives your muscles a very unique Workout experience.


You can combine resistance bands to increase the load as you would increase the plates on a barbell.


3. Swiss Ball

The swiss ball is an essential in your home workout set. The best home workout equipment, this inflatable workout platform offers support, challenges balance and give you versatile options


The Best Home Workout Equipment



You can use it as a substitute for a workout bench by sitting or lying on it while performing bench exercises such as the db press.


It's also a great pilates, yoga and calisthenics tool.


4. Bosu Ball

Best overall exercise equipment for home the bosu ball is basically a swiss ball chopped in half and sealed off with a flat, sturdy platform, creating an inflated half-sphere.


The Best Home Workout Equipment


This form factor allows for some amazing balance Exercises and unstable platform workouts that test not only strength, but stability


The bosu ball can be used on the round side or the flat side depending on what exercise you want to do!


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5. Parralets

These parallel rails are a simple but effective piece of equipment.


Best Overall Exercise Equipment For Home


You can use these for a number of applications from the humble tricep dip, to leg lifts for your abs, all the way to more challenging calisthenics and gymnastics workouts.


Try to get the higher parrotlets, than the lower to the ground ones.


You want to be able to hang your legs from a suspended position so you can execute a number of movements.


You can get separate rails or a fixed parallel rail setup depending on what you feel works for you.


6. Pushup handles.

Best Overall Exercise Equipment For Home


The best home workout equipment the baby brother of the parallel, these door handle size grips are going to take your pushups to the next level.


That's because they allow you to increase the range of motion (ROM) of your pushup beyond just your chest height.


This means you are fully engaging the muscle groups involved and getting the most out of this staple Exercise.


7. Workout Mat

Last but not least is the workout mat. This should actually be the first thing on your list, but we thought we’d include it at the end just so you pay attention to it.


Sure you could train on your tiles, lawn or carpet, but that can often lead to you accumulating dirt while also sweating up the floor below you.

Best Overall Exercise Equipment For Home

You also want a surface that gives you the appropriate amount of grip and cushioning.


Best overall exercise equipment for home a workout mat or yoga mat also gives you a focal area for your workout.


This helps you mentally dial in and not get too distracted by your home surroundings.


Final words.


So there you have it, 7 amazing home workout equipment pieces.


These will have you covered for most typical exercise needs.


There are tons more really cool pieces of home workout gear you can look into for a more specialized approach, but these 7 are your bread and butter.


Don't forget to check out the rest of the site for more amazing articles and be sure to drop a comment if you have any questions for us.






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Best Overall Exercise Equipment For Home



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