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Best organic vitamins for toddlers – When it comes to health and fitness, we’re often looking at it through the perspective of adult needs and goals.


After all, you’re likely an adult reader, and the reason you’re probably reading this is that your own health is a topic of interest for you.


We doubt many children visit our site to learn the intricacies of diet and nutrition, especially when it comes to understanding the concepts behind them.

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But here’s the shocking truth, kids require attendance to their health and fitness needs too!


As adults, we often look at children as these resilient little bundles of invincibility. Incapable of suffering major disease, injury or declining health.


Because of this, we often overlook, and many parents or guardians tend to neglect the health needs of kids as compared to their own.


Sure, the older you get the more your bones creak and joints crack. The less vibrant your skin and muscle tone becomes and the less efficient your metabolism and other internal functions become.


That doesn’t mean kids are living on easy mode health-wise. In fact, children have a more pressing need for good fitness and nutrition due to the simple reason that they are going through a rapid, resource-dependent developmental phase.


Look at it this way, what is the most intensive urgent phase of saying a large building? Is it the construction phase or the maintenance of wear and tear in the future?


You’d probably say its the construction phase, and that’s what kids are, the construction phase of a human being.



Health Risks of the Modern Child



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Modern children are at risk today no matter which side of society you might find yourself.


Children from developed countries are exposed to an early sedentary lifestyle at a time where fundamental bio mechanics are meant to be developed. They are also exposed to vast amounts of processed foods, risk factors in the prevalence of metabolic disease.


On the other end, children from non-developed countries are exposed to extreme environmental stress from weather, disease, and pollution as well as hardships such as civil unrest and war.


These coupled with inadequate and nutrient deficient food supplies leads to rampant stunted development as well as a high probability of infant and childhood death.


So it’s pretty clear that kids have very urgent health and nutrition needs, no matter their circumstances.


In this article, we’ll take a look at best organic vitamins for toddlers and some useful supplements for kids that can help them maintain healthy development and offset the deficiencies brought on by an unhealthy diet or lack thereof.


Top 5 Nutritional Supplements For Kids



Nutritional Supplements



1. Calcium

Bone growth is one of the most crucial aspects of childhood development. Your bones and skeleton form the entire structural framework for your existence.

Best Organic Vitamins For Toddlers

This framework goes through a monumental transformation from infancy to adulthood.


In fact, no organ system goes through as much of a metamorphosis from when you are born to when you are grown as your skeleton.


Also, remember that your bones aren’t just there as a physical structure. They are also the nexus of many vital substances such as the vast array of blood cells you need.


It is because of this that calcium is extremely essential when it comes to kids and their development.


You can get calcium in a multi-mineral or as a standalone supplement for kids.



2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another valuable and best organic vitamins for toddlers, essential nutrient when it comes to kids. Its role is actually linked to the first nutrient we discussed, calcium.

Best Organic Vitamins For Toddlers

What vitamin D does is it improves the absorption of calcium, making it crucial in the development of teeth and bones.


Vitamin D can be sourced from cod liver oil. Unfortunately, this supplemental form of vitamin D is notoriously reviled by kids for its pungent, fishy flavor, so you should perhaps opt for the capsule versions.



3. Folate

Folate, also known as vitamin B9 is essential for the development of humans all the way from the fetal stage and up through puberty.


Most B vitamins are crucial, but folate is especially important in promoting healthy, best organic vitamins for toddlers accelerated cell division for tissue and organ development.


For this reason, folate is essential, especially where kids are concerned.



4. Iron

Kids are rapidly developing which means they need a steady stream of all the nutrients and building blocks necessary for that development. One of the most important chemical elements to life is oxygen.


That being said, in order to deliver oxygen sustainably and at a rate favorable to healthy development, kids need a healthy dose of iron.


That’s because iron is an important part of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cess responsible for oxygen transport.



5. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential of course best organic vitamins for toddlers, but why is it so important for kids and their development?


Two major reasons kids should be getting plenty of this one is because of eyesight development as well as immune system development.


The foundations of both these systems running effectively are dependent in large part to a sustained availability of vitamin A.


It’s available in a variety of good kid-friendly multivitamins as well as cod liver oil.




While it is true that our bodies begin to decline in resilience and vigor as we age, it’s not the only important time to keep an eye on nutrition.


In fact, this maintenance phase of life is secondary to the building and development phase of infancy and childhood.


So just as we tend to our health needs, we must keep an eye on the kids more closely, they are the future.


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