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Best Natural Ways To Control Hypertension And Prevent Fatigue

Best Natural Ways To Control Hypertension And Prevent Fatigue

We all know about the significance of blood pressure to our health. It is one of the first things you check when trying to figure out what's wrong or making sure everything is right with your health. Blood pressure is one of the leading identifiers of health as it is easy to measure in a non-invasive way, can be done at home, and carries a significant amount of information regarding your health. Detecting an elevation in pressure early is tantamount to effective prevention or treatment.



Hypertension, or high blood pressure as it’s commonly referred to, is a scourge affecting many across the world. Elevated blood pressure is often associated with poor lifestyle and dietary habits as well as several diseases. A diet high in LDL cholesterol causes hypertension as it results in plaque deposits in the arteries, this is probably the leading cause of lifestyle related hypertension. Kidney disease is also a common source of elevated blood pressure and hypertension along with lack of physical activity, old age and genetics. Whatever the case, hypertension is a potentially deadly condition.


In severe cases, hypertension can lead to impaired vision, heart attack, cardiovascular disease and stroke. In general, hypertension can decrease daily performance and result in chronic fatigue. Finding ways to control hypertension can not only improve your quality of life, it could even save it.


There are several ways to improve and even normalize from a hypertensive state. Making adjustments to your lifestyle can be a tremendous benefit. Here are a few ways to control hypertension.



Awesome Ways to Control Hypertension


Fixing your Diet

Best Natural Ways To Control Hypertension And Prevent Fatigue


The most common cause of hypertension is a poor diet. This can be due to eating too much, too little or eating the wrong things.



A diet high in cholesterol is a major problem area. Bad LDL cholesterol can accumulate, causing arterial plaque to develop. Plaque is a blockage that builds up on the inner lining of the arteries, thereby limiting the general capacity of the arteries, leading to an overall increase in blood pressure. Decreasing the amount of LDL in the body is important and can be achieved by fixing a few aspects of your diet. Cutting down on foods rich in LDL is the first port of call. These include hydrogenated and refined vegetable fats such as margarine and refined cooking oil, saturated fats such as butter and ghee, and trans fats found in processed and fried foods. Avoiding these foods is one thing, but you can also include foods that actively lower LDL and boost good HDL cholesterol.

Best Natural Ways To Control Hypertension And Prevent Fatigue

Foods high in fiber such as whole grains and oatmeal are a great way to naturally lower LDL cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fats are another amazing way of decreasing cholesterol due to the availability of many healthy minerals and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Other foods include:


  • Green vegetables
  • Beans
  • Olive oil.
  • Fruit such as apple and grapes
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Chia seeds


Table Salt

Sodium Chloride, or regular table salt, is one of the most staple parts of the human Diet. But too much of it, which is a common problem, easily leads to elevated blood pressure. With chronic overuse, salt can lead to hypertension. This is because salt increases the sodium content in your body, affecting the balance maintained for optimal osmotic pressure. This is because the kidneys find it difficult to regulate water levels in the blood, causing excess pressure. Over time, excess sodium can damage the kidneys, leading to chronic hypertension and a plethora of other complications.

Best Natural Ways To Control Hypertension And Prevent Fatigue


The most effective way to avoid this is by lowering salt consumption in your diet. Try cooking with less salt, adding less to food and opting for low sodium foods. There are also various salt alternatives available for a lower sodium diet. These alternatives use potassium instead of sodium as the main constituent. Bear in mind that although excess sodium is bad for you, sodium deficiency is as well. It's all about balance.


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Getting Active.

Another aspect towards improving from hypertension is physical activity. More exercise equals lower blood pressure. This is because the more you workout the more you condition not only your bones, joints and muscles, but also your cardiovascular system.


Cardiovascular Capacity.

Cardio based workouts boost your capacity to pump blood by training and growing the fine muscles in your arteries known as the vascular smooth muscle. These muscles regulate contraction and dilation of the blood vessels, an ability refined through the conditioning experienced through exercise. This is why athletes have a typically low resting heart rate and blood pressure.


Optimized Metabolism.


Working out, especially through aerobic type exercises like high intensity cardio and heavy resistance training can boost calorie burn. This leads to the eventual burning of fat resulting in lower LDL cholesterol levels and a decreased chance of developing arterial plaque known as atherosclerosis.


Exercise also boosts the release of nitric oxide by the endothelial cells in your arteries. This presence of nitric oxide acts by smoothing out the inner lining of your arteries, preventing plaque build-ups. It also prevents blockages by blood clots and white blood cells as well as lowering the risk of cramps or spasms in the vessels.


When deciding to undertake an exercise program while suffering from hypertension, always consult your doctor or a medical profession and sudden physical activity might be too much strain for a compromised cardiovascular system.


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There are many ways to control hypertension, these are the most tried, tested and easy to implement methods available. The great thing about following these steps is not just the improvement from hypertension, it’s also the fact that you are optimizing your general health through improving diet and exercise.


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