Best Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Without Side Effects-(Home Remedies,Multivitamins)

Erectile dysfunction also referred to as impotence is a condition that may occur in men and it characterizes with the man not being able to get an erection or not being able to maintain it for a longer time especially during sex.


Best Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Without Side Effects


It also characterizes with reduced libido and almost no interest in engaging in a sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem worldwide and in the US it has affected around 30 million Americans.

If you go to a doctor with this problem they won’t diagnose you with an erectile dysfunction if it hasn’t lasted for at least a few weeks and while there are a few medications they can prescribe as well as offer surgery or the use of vacuum pumps, best medicine for erectile dysfunction without side effects a lot of men that suffer from erectile dysfunction opt to go for some natural supplements that can help them fight their condition.




Ginseng or to be specific, red ginseng (panax ginseng) is an herb that has been referred to as the Viagra of herbs.


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It has an extensive research behind its ability to help with erectile dysfunction and it has proven itself to be very helpful.

In 2008, seven studies that were done on the effects of red ginseng to erectile dysfunction were reviewed by scientists and they concluded that there was evidence that supported the theory that red ginseng is able to battle the erectile dysfunction condition.

There’s also a more recent research that was done that also supports the fact that red ginseng can help people with erectile dysfunction by improving the erection on a cellular level.


Best Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Without Side Effects


The red ginseng is proven to be most efficient for men that have a high level of lipids in their bloodstream and suffer from a metabolic syndrome.

Ginseng is able to have anti-inflammatory properties, best medicine for erectile dysfunction without side effects betters the functioning of the lungs as well as the blood flow which are all common for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction.



DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone that is created in our adrenal glands and it is able to be transformed into either testosterone or estrogen.


Best Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Without Side Effects


As a supplement it’s derived from soy and wild yam.

In a study called the Massachusetts male aging study it was discovered that men who had erectile dysfunction had lower amounts of DHEA and another study in which 40 men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction participated, best medicine for erectile dysfunction without side effects where half of them took DHEA and the other half a placebo drug for half a year,


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Discovered that the men who took the actual DHEA supplement were able to get and erection and were more likely to maintain it.

As of recent years, DHEA is being prescribed for men that have erectile dysfunction and concurrent diabetes as erectile dysfunction is very common in these men because of the issues they have with their hormones and the blood flow to the organs and back.



Rhodiolarosea doesn’t have too much research behind it but a small research found that it might be quite helpful.

The research lasted for 3 months and the men who participated in it were taking 150-200mg.


Best Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Without Side Effects


After those 3 months the men who took the rhodiolaroseareported that their symptoms of erectile dysfunction have reduced.

Another positive effect that this herb has shown is that it increases energy and lowers the feeling of fatigue.


1. Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 or folic acid is the first supplement that we’re going to look at in this post that might aid in the battle against erectile dysfunction. The way this supplement helps is by preventing the arteries and blood vessels to harden which improves circulation throughout the entire body.


Best Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Without Side Effects


Scientists theorize that, by improving the circulation and bettering your heart wellbeing you can decrease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction because undisrupted blood flow to the penis is crucial for getting an erection and maintaining it.

Taking vitamin B9 every day may also have other benefits such as stress reliever which can help if your erectile dysfunction problem is related to stress and also decrease the chance of premature ejaculation when having sex.


Nourishments that are high with B9 are:







Citrus fruits




Brussels sprouts





In order to avoid the unwanted side effects that may happen due to taking too much vitamin B9 you have to make sure to consult with your doctor about the proper dose of vitamin B9 for you. Some of the side effects that might occur are restless sleep, gas, bloating and so on.


2. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 or niacin is a supplement that has a positive research in studies done on how it improves erectile dysfunction in individuals. Vitamin B3 has the properties to lower the blood pressure and it’s often utilized for treatments involving high cholesterol and hardening of the blood vessels.


Best multivitamin for erectile dysfunction


Both of those are tightly connected with erectile dysfunction. In case you’re suffering from one of these or both of them, taking vitamin B3 supplement can undoubtedly aid you in the battle with erectile dysfunction.

This vitamin can also help increase the blood flow to your penis and help you get an erection easier and maintain it for longer.


Vitamin B3 can be found in a lot of foods but it’s the most present in:


Chicken breast




Green peas




Vitamin B3 has some side effects if you take too much of it and the one that is the most common of all is the flushing of the skin.

To remain on the safe side make sure that you consult a specialist and start slow.

Other more serious side effects that might occur if you take too much of it are nausea, liver problems and blurred vision.


3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is able to help improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by supporting the biochemical pathways that the release of nitric oxide which is essential for achieving an erection.


Best Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Without Side Effects


The research on this is quite slim but vitamin C is highly beneficial for the entire body since it supports the growth, recreation and development of all tissues that we have in our bodies.

There’s virtually no risk in taking vitamin C as a supplement and the least it can do for you is increase your resistance to illnesses by improving your immune system.


Vitamin C can be found in foods such as:



Citrus fruits






Brussels sprouts







Best Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction Without Side Effects

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