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Best 11 Low Carb Keto Breakfast Bars

Low Carb Breakfast Bars – Since today most peoples lifestyles are pretty crazy it’s almost unheard of many people having a nice home-cooked and warm daily breakfast. So instead of going for a completely unhealthy junk food you can always get a keto friendly breakfast by getting a low carb bar that is dense with nutrients.


The keto breakfast bars are actually not some casual granola bars but instead are low carb bars that have their carbs replaced with some whole foods such as seeds and nuts which results in more protein and more fat which will keep you full for longer.


Not all the bars are the same but the ones we have prepared for you in this rundown are all quite awesome and they will satisfy your breakfast needs when you’re in a hurry.


1.Sola Bars

Best Low Carb Breakfast Bars

These are our number one choice because they are unbelievably delicious and low carb at the same time. Definitely the one we recommend as they are the closest to the taste and sweetness to granola bars.

These bars are actually perfect texture-wise. They aren’t too chewy so they don’t stick to your teeth but aren’t too hard either.

Stevia, Monk Fruit, erythritol and maltitol are utilized to sweeten the bars and keep the nice balance between salty and sweet. They have 3 flavors but the one we recommend is the White Chocolate Vanilla Caramel, especially for snack or grab and go low carb breakfast.

The only ingredient here that is a minor cause for concern is the maltitol which has the ability to increase your blood sugar levels. The company utilizes around 2.5g of maltitol in order to get the coloring right so what we recommend in order to calculate the net carbs is to add 1g net carb per serving because of the amount of maltitol.

All three flavors has 5g net carbs per bar. The other 2 flavors are Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate and Chocolatey Nuts and Sea Salt.

2.Keto Bars

These are quite dreamy for those who love dark chocolate. These keto bars have the best macros for keto dieters and are great for both a snack and a breakfast bar. The average stats are 3g net carbs, 6g protein and 20g fat of which 12g are saturated.

This is very keto friendly since its moderate protein, high fat and low carb all in one bar.

The primary compounds are cocoa and chocolate so the chocolate flavor is quite strong and perfect for chocolate lovers.

They have 3 different flavors which are Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond, Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter and all have only 3g net carbs.

3.Nush Cake Bars

Best Low Carb Breakfast Bars

This brand has a bunch of keto friendly cakes available for purchase and the flavors we recommend is the Banana Nut, Carrot Cake and Peanut Butter. These are awesome because they completely satisfy your sweet cravings when you need a snack or grab and go low carb breakfast.

They utilize mostly natural compounds and natural erythritol as a low glycemic keto sweetener. Another great thing they utilize is a coconut oil as one of the primary compounds which means you also get a nice dose of MCT oils and healthy fat.

They come in 6 flavors which are Peanut Butter (2g net carbs), Banana Nut (2g net carbs), Cherry Almond (3g net carbs), Carrot Cake (3g net carbs), Blueberry (3g net carbs), Pineapple Mango (4g net carbs).


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4.Atkins Low Carb Granola Bars

These bars utilize a mix of maltitol and sucralose to sweeten their product and since they are both low glycemic sweeteners these bars can be keto friendly if you can manage your daily macros properly.

The flavor we recommend is White Chocolate Macadamia Nut because it’s higher in its fat content (8g) and they utilize almond butter and real macadamia nuts.

They don’t taste like protein bars and most flavors would satisfy your sweet cravings throughout the day.

These bars, just like the Sola ones will be most similar to the breakfast bars you were eating before you got into keto diet. They contain around 2-3g net carbs per bar and have 14 different flavors in total.

5.MariGold Keto Protein Bars

Best Low Carb Breakfast Bars

These bars are usually made in small amounts while keeping keto diet and low carb diet in mind. They are very delicious and they don’t contain any sugar alcohols which is great. Also they have around 2-3g net carbs per bar although they are a bit chewy they are still a great choice.

They have 6 different flavors which can be bought in a variety pack of 6. The flavors they offer are: Chocolate Squared, Pure Joy, Ginger Spice Pecan, Chocolate Mint, ChocoNut and Chocolate Praline.

6.Stoka bars

These are quite similar to the MariGold Bars we described above in the sense that they are made in small amounts. They have a delicious sweet taste and go really nice with some butter coffee and the sweetener they utilize is erythritol. They also utilize almond flour and a bunch of fibrous compounds which makes them quite crumbly but they are really satisfying and has a lot of fat that will keep you filled up.

They only have 4g net carbs per bar and offer 2 flavors: Vanilla Almond and Coco Almond.

7.IQ Bar: Brain + Body

This item on our rundown definitely tastes amazing. The bars are very healthy and mainly focused on how they better your mind and body but they don’t undermine taste in order to be healthy. The primary compounds are natural and wholesome and they have a lot of compounds that are keto friendly. They are seed and nut based and some of the compounds they utilize are Pea Protein, Flax Seed and Almonds.

The sweeteners they utilize are also natural like erythritol, stevia, monk fruit and tapioca fiber. The last compound actually enters and exits your organism without any glycemic impact and without being processed so when you account for net carbs you can totally neglect the tapioca fiber.

They also utilize Lion’s mane extract which isn’t present in a variety of foods. It’s actually a mushroom that has healthy effects on your brain like protection of the central nervous system and lowering the risk of dementia.

They even help diabetics because they are able to lower the blood sugar impact.

They have 5 flavors with only 4g net carbs per bar: Almond Butter Chip, Lemon Blueberry, Peanut Butter Chip, Matcha Chai and Chocolate Sea Salt.

They are available online on Amazon or from their website

8.Keto Watt Bars

Best Low Carb Breakfast Bars

These bars were also created while having the keto diet in mind since their macros are extremely good. They are one of our favorites for sure and are great consumed as a breakfast bar. They optimized the nutrients for keto dieters and their stats are: 17g fat of which 6g is saturated, 11g fiber, 4g net carbs and 8g protein.

The compounds they use are all natural and it contains no sweeteners. The sweet taste is derived from natural carbs present in the nuts. The flavor we recommend is the cacao-coconut one which is really awesome for a quick grab and go low carb breakfast, a snack or after a workout.

They offer 2 flavors: Original and Peanut Butter and they are available on Amazon or direct from

9.Primal Kitchen Bars

Best Low Carb Breakfast Bars

These bars are the most paleo friendly ones on our rundown since they use grass-fed collagen as their protein source. The taste is kind of subdued because they don’t utilize a lot of sweeteners. They are a bit sticky and tough but that’s because the brand doesn’t utilize any gums or oils like most other brands.

Their net carbs are between 6g and 8g per bar and they have 4 flavors: Chocolate Hazelnut, Coconut Cashew, Dark Chocolate Almond and Macadamia Sea Salt.

10.No Cow Bars

The uniqueness of these bars is in the fact that they aren’t made utilizing whey protein even though they contain 22g of protein per bar and are in the group of low carb high protein breakfast bars. They are also gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free.

They are a bit crumbly and soft texture-wise and leave a little bit of protein bar aftertaste. Either way they are quite tasty and contain only 3g net carbs per bar.

The flavors they offer are: Carrot Cake, Blueberry, Chunky Peanut Butter, Lemon Meringue Bar, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Raspberry Truffle, Mint Cacao Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

11.Quest Cereal Bars

The Quest brand is quite famous for their protein bars which are sold on almost every corner. Although these are a good low carb choice most keto dieters don’t want to eat too many proteins and don’t really like the protein bar taste so they made a Quest Cereal Protein Bars to satisfy the market.

They are low carb breakfast bars that have 3 flavors for now: Chocolate, Waffle and Cinnamon Roll. They still contain protein but it’s less than before at 12g per bar and only 2g net carbs.

The best about these bars is that even though they are a health food product and protein bars they don’t taste like ones and it’s almost impossible to tell the difference.

The flavors we’d recommend are the Waffle and Cinnamon roll even though the classic Chocolate flavor is great as well.

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