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3 Amazing Keto Supplements and How They Work!

Best keto supplements – the keto diet revolution is one of the best things to happen to modern health. Outside of its inevitable fat loss benefits (ironic if you consider that your macronutrients are now primarily fat), it also has other far-reaching health benefits.


Best Keto Supplements


Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, neurological degeneration, liver health and skin health are just a few of the aspects of your health that will see a tremendous benefit from incorporating keto.


How to Keto

In order to take advantage of these benefits, you need to switch your body’s metabolic function from relying primarily on carbs, and instead, switching to fat as the primary energy source.


Best Keto Supplements


This is achieved by using organic molecules known as ketone bodies instead of glucose. Best keto supplements there are 3 main ketone bodies used in human metabolism. These are:


  1. Acetone
  2. AcAc or Acetoacetate
  3. BHB or Beta-hydroxybutyrate


This state is known as ketosis, and achieving it requires a bit of mindfulness. Firstly, you have to drastically reduce your carb intake. This can be achieved by eliminating obvious sources such as sugar, refined carb foods like pasta and bread, and even certain high carbs whole foods like grains, many fruits and vegetables.


Simply increasing fat content doesn’t count as a path to ketosis. That's because your body automatically prefers carbs as fuel. Ketosis is a natural, but secondary adaptation to a lack of glucose.


You also need to be mindful of the types of fats you consume. Trans fats and hydrogenated, refined fats are a big no-no. they will only diminish your quality of health in the long run.


Best keto supplements Look out for healthy saturated fats from foods such as avocados and coconut oil, MCT oils and polyunsaturated fats from fish and vegetable sources.


Best Keto Supplements


Polyunsaturated fats also come loaded with omega fatty acids, and essential nutrient which will also boost the health effects you will experience from ketosis.


Adding more protein in the place of carbs is also a great way to fast track your road to keto. This is also because protein can be converted into a reasonable amount of glucose in a process known as glucogenesis, allowing it to fuel the brain, which prefers glucose.


But what about supplements? Most nutrition enthusiasts and individuals with an active lifestyle rely on supplements to bolster their existing diets. If you are one of these people, but are following a keto protocol, fret not. Keto has the supplements department covered.


Top 3 Best Keto Supplements


BHB Salts

BHB salts, short for Beta-hydroxybutyrate are ketone body molecules. These molecules are naturally produced in the body during states of glucose deprivation such as starvation, post exercise or carb calorie restriction.


Best Keto Supplements


The reason the body makes ketones is generally so you have energy during low glucose availability, but also because your brain can't burn fat, only glucose, unless the fat is converted into ketone bodies like BHB.


When it comes to supplementation, having and exogenous (external) source of ketone bodies will give you a serious boost.


BHB salts do just that. The ketone body BHB is attached to a mineral ion such as sodium, potassium or magnesium. Once consumed, the mineral and the BHB ketone separate, causing an increase in blood ketone levels


Because of the mineral ion content, BHB salts also achieve the role of a convenient source of electrolytes.


Ketone Esters

Another exogenous (external) source of ketone bodies is the Ketone ester. This liquid solution binds any one of the 3 ketone body types to an alcohol rather than a mineral ion.


This is by far the fastest acting form of exogenous ketone supplementation and therefore the fastests way to boost blood ketone levels overall.


Ketone esters are also considered more potent than BHB salts, although they have been proven to have a shorter effect period on blood glucose levels.


MCT Oils

MCT oils, short for medium-chain triglycerides are a form of fat that easily converts to ketone bodies.


Best Keto Supplements


Best keto supplements that means, unlike salts or esters, MCT isn’t a direct exogenous ketone source. It is rather, a dietary supplement that boosts natural endogenous (internal) production of BHB ketones.


MCT oils are notoriously calorie dense. Consider coconut oil, which is a common source of MCT oil. Use of MCT for a keto diet should therefore be strictly monitored.


Shakes, Drinks and Pre-workouts


Aside from the 3 we just mentioned, there are so many different supplements and meal replacements out there promoted as keto life-hacks.


Best Keto Supplements


These are typically formulations containing one of the 3 main supplements above. In some cases, it’s simply a supplement with little to no carbs, and not much in the way of ketone boosting additives.


Such supplements include


  • Pre-workouts (often a standard formulation with the addition of a ketone salt
  • Shakes, bars and snacks (often with a large quantity of MCT oil such as coconut or palm
  • Special condiments, preserves and table-top confections (jams, sauces, coffee creamers)
  • Keto beverages (soups, teas and coffees).



While supplements should only form a secondary role to balanced, good nutrition, when it comes to keto, supplements can be a serious game-changer.


Keep an eye out for the top 3 listed here, but remember to make sure you consult a dietician or health care professional before getting involved with anything you haven't tried before.


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