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Best Natural Supplements For Healthy Hair

Best hair vitamins for faster hair growth – For many people, especially women, hair is an essential part of the outward presentation.


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It tells a story of who we are and what we do. It’s a calling card and builds intrigue for strangers and a comforting familiarity for friends and family.


Hair is also an indicator of the state of one’s health. It is rare that an unhealthy individual will have glowing, radiant hair. Thus the ability to keep your hair healthy means the rest of you is relatively healthy too.


Because of this, haircare is a major part of human self-grooming and quality of life.


A booming billion-dollar industry is centered around our desire to keep our hair healthy and beautiful.


These streaky fibers that emanate from our skin are quite curious once we actually stop and think about what hair really is.



What is Hair Made Of?


Hair is a non-living filament tissue comprised of the main protein that grows from the upper layers of the skin or dermis.


What is Hair Made Of


It is one of the few unique features that make mammals.


Its function is primarily to serve as insulation, allowing the internal homeostatic balance of the mammalian body to remain undisrupted by extreme environmental fluctuations such as temperature and precipitation.


Going beyond this, hair serves many other evolutionary functions.


Some animals use hair for other less overt functions such as camouflage, either in order to hide from predators or to hide from prey as well as mating and courtship.


Some animals have hair modified for very specialized functions such as porcupines and hedgehogs who use special forms of hair as a deadly form of defense in the form of super-sharp spines.


In humans, hair is no longer of any major importance relatively speaking. Compared to other animals, we have significantly little use for hair, and it shows as we are mostly hairless aside from the highly valued patch that forms on the top of everyone’s head.


Whatever the case, taking care of your hair is an important and useful consideration.


In this article, we’re going to look at a few ways you can maintain and enhance the health of your hair through good nutrition and supplements.



5 Best Hair Vitamins For Faster Hair Growth


Vitamin A


Vitamins Faster Hair Growth


All your cells need vitamin A in order to function and replicate. This growth-promoting benefit extends to the hair.


That’s because vitamin A best hair vitamins for faster hair growth. It makes total sense since hair is basically strands of protein.


Vitamin A also promotes the production of sebum and oily substance that nourishes and moisturizes hair, vitamin A is the best hair vitamins for faster hair growth keeping it healthy and supple.



Vitamin E


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This fat-soluble vitamin is one of the body’s primary antioxidants. E is the best hair vitamins for faster hair growth.


By limiting oxidative stress, the follicles responsible for hair growth are protected and are therefore more abundant.


This allows for your hair not only to grow longer and stronger, but it also helps improve hair volume due to the higher density of follicles.





An absolute no brainer when it comes to hair health, protein is the basis for the structure of the hair.


As we’ve already pointed out, hair is almost completely made up of protein. A decline in hair health is often a sign of protein deficiency.




That’s because your hair has the least crucial protein demand, so it will be amongst the first things to go


Protein isn’t just important to the hair structurally, but in other ways, protein contributes to the formation and maintenance of hair.


The enzymes and carrier proteins required for the formation and sustained growth of hair are just as essential as the hair itself.


Whey protein concentrate or isolate are great supplemental sources of protein.





Iron plays a crucial role in hair formation, growth, and maintenance.


Iron-Rich Foods


That’s because iron is vital in oxygen transport, a necessary function for the processes that govern important cellular activities including hair growth.


The importance of iron is evidenced by what happens to the hair when iron is deficient.





Zinc is another essential mineral.


It has many distinct functions in the body including immune health and reproductive health in males.




When it comes to hair, zinc helps with the maintenance of healthy follicle cells.


Follicles are where hair emanates from.


Aside from this, zinc also helps keep a healthy production going of the oils required to keep your hair healthy and strong.




While your hair may not be vital to life, it is an important aspect of its quality. Hair is also a great indicator of your health.


Many nutrient deficiencies and risks to health are easily indicated by the state of health of the hair, so in a way, healthy hair means a healthy you.


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