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Best Group Fitness Workouts

Working out and exercising can be a real grind sometimes. Getting yourself motivated, figuring out form and technique on your own and having to slug out hard sets and reps with no surrounding inspiration can be a real chore.


Humans are social creatures, and when it comes to working out, being in a social and interactive environment might just be the thing you need.



Why Working Out in a Group is Amazing?

Our social tendencies mean we work well in a group environment. We are hardwired to seek the comfort, validation, and safety of the tribe.


When we work out, we are activating centers of the brain stimulated by activity that contributes to our survival.


When we work out in a group setting, this creates a bond that elevates the effective motivations behind our workouts.


The competitive drive is also another factor that creates motivation. Not only do we want to be part of a group, in a lot of cases, but we also want to be in charge of it.


These two driving factors are what give group fitness an edge in terms of being a motivating way to work out.


Group workouts also tend to be more fun, with less of a priority on strict outcomes.


This limited attention to detail tends to be where group workouts fall short. Let's run a quick comparison



Group Class vs Personal: Pros and Cons



Group Training:-



  • Social motivation and stimulus

  • Stress-free workout

  • Typically fun and engaging

  • Competitive drive

  • Bonding and networking opportunities



  • Lack of trainer/client focus

  • Potential for incorrect technique

  • Need to keep up with group pace

  • Potential need to remember choreography


Personal Training


  • Focus on correct form and technique

  • Able to scale intensity and pace at any moment

  • Targets specific goals

  • Constant feedback and communication

  • Workout considers the unique profile of the client


  • Can feel more strenuous and strict

  • Can be hard to feel motivated

  • The coach may seem intimidating

  • Lack of social stimulus may diminish motivation

  • Typically more expensive


So Looking at those pros and cons broken down, it's clear that both group and personal training have their benefits and drawbacks.


However, this article will focus on group training and some of the best workout for it out there.


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Top 5 Group Workouts You Should Try Now



HIIT Workouts For Weight Loss




Created by professional; dancer “Alberto Pérez”, this dance craze has taken the group fitness industry by storm.


Zumba is based on Afro-Latin dance styles and has the musical influence of the same culture. Zumba’s popularity is due to its party-dance appeal and the allure of Latin dance rhythm.


This workout is an aerobic workout and triggers a cardio training effect.



Pound Fitness

Pound fitness is a cardio workout with a resistance-based edge to it.


It combines elements of pilates and bodyweight training for a turbocharged high-intensity workout.


A Pound session lasts about 45 mins to an hour and includes special pieces of equipment callet ripsticks.


These sticks are pretty lightweight, but add some degree of resistance, especially a little while into the session.




Bokwa is another exciting dance-inspired cardio workout.


The innovative trick to Bokwa is the choreography system involved.


It uses numbers and letters in the alphabet, guiding participants to draw out the alphanumeric characters with their feet as they swing to the beat.


This makes the workout super accessible. As long as you know the alphabet and know how to count, you’re good to go.


This is what sets Bokwa apart from its Latin counterpart, Zumba. It has no strict choreography to remember.


Bokwa also doesn’t require Latin inspired music, you can jam and swing to any contemporary hits, as easy as “A, B, C…”



Katami 4×4

Developed By Paul Katami, this high-intensity workout program can be done with a group instructor or in the comfort of your home via video or DVD.


The workout’s “4×4” description describes how training is split into four distinct phases.

These phases are:

  • I am change (cardio focus)

  • I am an athlete (lower body focus)

  • I am a warrior (upper body focus)

  • I am a hero (core focus)


Animal Flow.

Animal is a popular form of primal movement and functional mobility training that has gained massive popularity as alternative fitness continues to sweep the globe.


This workout has you engaging in very primal, animalistic stances and movement patterns. Think of it as a combination of parkour, yoga, and interpretive dance.


It's an intense bodyweight workout and really challenges you to move in ways that most people ignore but are anatomically capable of.


This workout is more focused on skills and functional performance.



Final Words

So there you have our top 5 group workouts. There are tons of great group workouts out there, but these are just a few of our favorites.


Working out in a group is a great way to stay motivated, and it's also a good way to make friends and form lasting meaningful bonds all while tending to your health and fitness


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