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Best Exercise for Overall Health

Now I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to exercise, I tend to focus on the way I look. I think most of us do. But exercise isn’t just about looking good. In fact, aside from its health and physical benefits did you know that exercise in particular weight training and something called high intensity interval training can actually slow down the aging process?

It’s true!



In fact, researchers have discovered a way to actually shave as much as ten years from your age simply by using vigorous exercise.


And no, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym, run a marathon or anything like that. You just need to start getting some exercise into your life.

That’s because exercise has the ability to change every cell in your body. And it makes you feel stronger, more confident, happier and more focused. By simply making the commitment to start exercising today, you can absolutely begin to look and feel younger, no matter how old you are.


Best Exercise for Overall Health


See, once we hit our 30’s…most of us start to lose muscle. On average around 8-10% per decade. That means a 55 year old who isn’t exercising can lose up to 20% of their muscle mass or more. It also means that your metabolism gradually begins to slow and with it your ability to burn fat.

That’s because muscle is the most metabolically active part of your body. And losing muscle means losing your ability to lose fat.

In a study done at UCLA researchers found that the more muscle we have as we get older the longer we can expect to live. And there are dozens if not hundreds of studies that show that your overall body composition…


Top 5 Ways To Exercise For A Longer, Happier Life


High-intensity interval training is a form of metabolic conditioning that has swept the globe. Every gym worth its salt has some form of HIIT on offer.


Best Exercise for Overall Health


This method of training works by ramping up the intensity level of an exercise past its aerobic or cardio capacity, forcing you into an anaerobic state.

In this state, you body is placed under metabolic stress, which eventually conditions your metabolism to function at a higher rate.

Since a decline in metabolic activity and its consequences are one of the typical signs of aging, getting your metabolism back up to speed is a worthy way to slow down the effects of aging.

2. Yoga

Yoga is another popular spot on the contemporary fitness map. This method of training as you might be aware is focused on performing stretch exercises that enhance your flexibility and range of motion. It also targets breathing, helping improve breath cycles and lung capacity.


Best Exercise for Overall Health


That’s it for the physical benefits.


Yoga, as you know, is steeped in ancient mysticism that connects body, mind, and soul through a holistic meditative experience. This makes yoga a great and rewarding practice not just for your body, but for your subtle self, boosting all aspects of your wellbeing.

3. Team Sports

Team sports are fun to watch. They form the bulk of mainstream spectator sports. Participating in a team sport is an experience on a different level. Managing individual and group commitments in a high stakes scenario is a great way to train the mind and keep it sharp.


Best Exercise for Overall Health


This allows your neural pathways to continuously refresh, especially at a point in life where their effectiveness begins to fade. The cognitive benefits of team sports help stave off age-related neurological conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The social interactive aspect of team sports is also a valuable way for older people to maintain a healthy social circle, something that declines the older we get.

4. Swimming.

Swimming is great because it offers full-body resistance training as well as cardio without the risk of high impact and the risks it brings to the joints.


Best Exercise for Overall Health


Swimming can also be scaled up and down between low-intensity steady-state cardio and high-intensity interval training, making it a versatile, safe and refreshing way to exercise.

5. Bodyweight and Functional

Bodyweight training and functional mobility are essential to maintaining correct biomechanical efficiency, especially in our later years.

Best Exercise for Overall Health


Engaging in activities such as calisthenics, pilates, and primal movement have been shown to trigger improvements in muscle and bone health.


It’s pretty clear to see that training in one’s senior years is not just beneficial, its downright necessary. One important caveat is to make sure you get an all-clear from your doctor before you take on any strenuous activity.

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