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Benefits Of Collagen Peptides for Your Hair

Best collagen for hair growth  Collagen is a very important protein that we have in our bodies and it’s the one that creates most of our muscles, bones, tendons and other tissues. It keeps the body together by making it stronger and more structured. Collagen peptides should be a huge part of our diet because it has a lot of benefits for our overall health but today we’re going to explain the benefits it has on your hair.


Best collagen for hair growth




best collagen for hair growth


Benefits Of Collagen Peptides For Your Hair


The first thing that we will mention is that collagen provides your body with important amino acids that will improve the health of your hair and it will help it grow longer and thicker. Because your hair is made, mainly of keratin and in order to create keratin, our bodies use the amino acids that are present in collagen.


best collagen for hair growth


To create the keratin our body breaks down the proteins such as collagen in order to create amino acids that can be used to create different types of proteins and tissues. Since collagen is made out of proline, glycine and hydroxyproline, it has the main component of keratin in itself so taking a collagen supplement that is rich on proline will surely stimulate your hair to grow thicker and longer. Even though there aren’t a lot of research done on human subjects for this it’s only logical that we come to the conclusion that collagen supplements is good for your hair because it contains the main component that creates the keratin – proline.


The second one in line of the benefits of collagen peptides for your hair is that it can reduce the thinning of your hair as you get older. The reason is because collagen is present in the part of your skin where the roots of your hair are and it makes up 70% of the dermis (layer of the skin where the roots of your hair are). Collagen peptides improve the flexibility of the dermis and we tend to lose the ability to create enough collagen on our own as we are getting older which is closely connected to losing our hair thickness. So taking collagen supplements will provide the dermis with enough collagen peptides to remain healthy and reduce or even prevent the thinning of your hair.


This was supported by a research that was done on about 70 women between the ages of 35 and 55 which lasted for 2 months and discovered that those who took collagen supplements had a much better skin elasticity. Another research that involved around 1000 men and women who took collagen supplements every day had much more collagen in their skin and had a younger looking skin.


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The third in line of the benefits of collagen peptides is that it also acts as an antioxidant and it aids in the battle against free radicals that can damage your hair follicles. Free radicals are substances present in our bodies that are created due to air pollution, smoking, bad diet, alcohol, stress and so on. If there are a lot of these radicals in your body it can be very harmful to your organism and they might damage your cells, hair follicles and even your DNA. Because the free radicals can cause harm to your hair follicles your need to stack up on antioxidants to help your body keep itself healthy as it grows older and better maintain the health of your hair. One of the best collagen supplements that has a lot of antioxidants is the one from fish scales.


The fourth benefit is also centered on the antioxidants collagen contains. Because of these antioxidant abilities, collagen can decrease the damage done to your cells and slow down graying. Even though graying of your hair is defined by your genetic code, too many free radicals in your system can significantly speed up this process. With age, the production of the melanin begins to slow down and your hair starts losing its color which is a natural process but if you have a higher number of free radicals in your body and a lack of antioxidants to fight them, the free radicals can cause huge damage to the cells that produce the melanin causing your hair to go gray much earlier than it should. A study that supports this fact is one where researchers tested the antioxidant activity in both, follicles of gray hair and follicles that still had pigment and discovered that the antioxidant activity of the follicles with pigment was much higher than the gray hair follicles.


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Collagen peptides are extremely easy to add to your diet and considering the benefits they have, everyone should do it right away. They are easily supplemented but can also be found in a lot of foods, mainly in the skin, bones, and muscles of chicken, pork, fish and beef. The richest source is a bone broth which is rich in both gelatin and collagen and can be drank or eaten as a soup with other ingredients. You can also consume more vitamin C which is crucial in the process of creating collagen so eating bell peppers, strawberries, oranges and Brussels sprouts is a great way to increase your collagen levels. If you feel like you’re not getting enough collagen through natural sources you can always turn to collagen supplements that come in the form of both powder and pills. You can utilize powdered collagen supplements in all kinds of drinks such as smoothies or coffee and the best part about collagen supplements is that, according to most researchers, they are safe for the majority of the population and only a few reported back that they feel a minor stomach discomfort, weird aftertaste and in a few cases, heartburn.


Final Thoughts On The Benefits of Collagen Peptides for Your Hair

Collagen peptides are a great way to improve your overall health condition and even though there isn’t enough research done on the specific effect it has on your hair there is a lot of evidence that suggest that collagen peptides can affect your hair health in a positive way. It’s easily added to your diet and the collagen supplements available on the market are very safe to use for most people.

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