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Best Exercises For A Bigger Chest

Best chest workout routine – When it comes to muscle gains, the chest is one of the key areas of focus.


Best Chest Workout Routine


And by focus, we mean what other people first notice when you walk in a room.


The chest displays a man’s value by acting as an indicator of dominance or hard work potential.



Studies show that a high chest to waist size ratio is more preferable to women. That means chest size also has an evolutionary link to mating prospects.


All that aside, maybe you just want to improve your physique for your own sake. You might also want to improve general performance and functionality.


To this end, developing your pecs will vastly improve your range of capability and functionality.


Another often overlooked benefit of larger chest muscularity is the protection it offers.


upper chest home workout


Having a thick slab of muscle between your ribcage and the big bad world could prove to be a lifesaver.


Your thoracic cavity is home to your lungs and heart, the primary organs in your body in terms of kickstarting all other life functions.


While your sternum and rib cage are pretty strong, they aren’t infallible, and because they are rigid structures, they too are vulnerable and require some protection.


A larger volume of chest muscle will offer an added layer of shock absorption.


In this article, we’re going to help you realize your dream of a bigger chest, whether it’s for personal vanity, performance improvements or as an added layer of protection.


We will introduce you to a few awesome exercises proven to optimize growth of your pecs, provided they are applied correctly and with a good nutritional game plan.


Things To Consider

In order to grow muscle, you can't just exercise in any old way.


Best Chest Workout Routine


There are a few specific things to note.


For optimum hypertrophy, aim to lift or push around 75% of your 1 rep max. Your one-rep max is an estimate of your personal best effort in one maximum strength rep.


Evidence suggests working with 65 – 85% of your 1RM with a rep range of 8-12 reps over 3-5 consecutive sets, you will create the best conditions for optimal muscle growth.


5 Best Exercises For A Bigger Chest

Bench Press

On a bench best chest workout routine, lie directly under the barbell and assume a grip a few inches wider than your shoulder width.


Best Chest Workout Routine


Pull your shoulder blades together and slightly arch your back so that weight distribution focuses on your upper back.


Unrack the barbell and lower it to your chest for the eccentric phase. Best chest workout for mass, from here push up, then lower back down to complete one rep.


Cable Flys

There are so many variations of this exercise, it warrants its own article.


best chest workout for mass


Adjust your preferred height and weight of the cable.


Upper chest home workout, grab each handle in each hand. Take a step forward, and with a slight flexion in the shoulder, push forward until your arms are extended in front of you.


Gradually bring the cables back to complete the rep.


Landmine Chest Press

Lean a barbell is best chest workout routine, so that one end is on the ground and the other is off the ground and an angle.


upper chest home workout


You can do this by placing the barbell across a plyo box or bench.


Add weight to the high end of the bar.


Kneel down in front of the bar and grip it with both hands.


From this position, simply push the bar up past your head height until your arms are fully extended. Bring the bar down again to complete one rep.


Remember to stick your chest out and keep your shoulder blades retracted.


Dumbbell Chest Press

The bench press is best chest workout routine, but this time you’re targeting stabilizers since each arm is acting independently.


best chest workout for mass


You’re also targeting the muscles responsible for shoulder adduction and not just flexion as you would with a bench press.


Best chest workout for mass, simply hold a dumbbell in each hand, a few inches wider than your shoulders and lower them to your chest height.


From here, push up until your arms are extended, also making sure to bring the dumbbells together for adduction.


Lower back down to complete the rep..


Hex Press

Another great dumbbell exercise.


This time you press the dumbbells laterally together using maximal horizontal adduction.


With the dumbbells now glued together by the might of your muscles, push up until your arms are extended.


Lower back down to complete the rep.



Chest exercises for a bigger chest are also chest exercises for a more useful chest.


That’s because your pecs are a functional hub and never work in isolation.


If you feel any discomfort or pain, especially in the shoulders, stop what you’re doing and get it checked out so you can adopt an exercise style that offers value to your life without the risk of injury.


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