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Best Apps For Counting Calories

Best calorie tracker app – When it comes to healthy nutrition and weight loss, food quality is an essential consideration.


Best Calorie Tracker App


The main problem in most cases is the excess consumption of poor quality, industrially processed foods.


But looking deeper, we find that the reason these foods are so bad, besides having an obvious affinity towards introducing some really grimy chemicals to the body, is that they are incredibly calorically dense.


This density in calories makes a seemingly low quantity of food by volume, actually have a high energy value.


That brings the quantity aspect of nutrition and weight loss into the picture.



What Your Energy Balance Means?

The number of calories you introduce to your body determines your ability to lose weight.


Best Calorie Tracker App


That’s because, in order to lose weight effectively, you need to take in fewer calories than you burn up during daily activity.


This is your energy balance, but how do you figure it out?


Knowing that you need to burn more than you take in is one thing, but how do you actually gain access to that data in a way that’s meaningful and can be applied to your daily efforts.


You can spend a great deal of time and mental effort trying to measure each crumb that enters your body and weigh that up against how much you burn per day.


This is quite tedious and time-consuming if you think about it.


It can also leave a lot of potential for human error.


Fortunately, we live in a digital world, and there’s an app for that, or rather, several apps.


In this article, we’re going to look at which are the best apps you can use to track your calories and stay on the bally for an effective, healthy weight loss strategy.



5 Best Calorie Counting Apps




We all love eating out, the convenience of having your meals made for you by experts and the experience of a fine dining atmosphere with friends, family or that special someone.


Best Calorie Tracker App


But when you eat out, it’s almost impossible to know what you’re getting in terms of calories. Some restaurants offer an energy value that corresponds to each menu item, but trying to decide what you want to eat while also adding the variable of calories in the process can really take a lot of the excitement out of what should be a relaxing night out.


That’s where HealthyOut comes in. best calorie tracker app this app helps you easily figure out calories of menu items and even breaks them down based on macro ratio.


HelathyOut also helps you choose the best restaurants for your dietary needs and preferences.


It’s available for free on iOS.




This app is probably the most recognized of the bunch.


Best Calorie Tracker App


Owned by fitness brand Under Armour, MyFitnessPal best calorie tracker app helps you track your daily intake and has a staggering database of food data from generic foods to specific brands and products.


It also doubles as a fitness tracker, taking care of both ends of the energy balance equation.


MyFitnessPal is available free on iOS and Android with premium upgrade options.



Lose It

Lose it is best calorie tracker app, it's a comprehensive app that extrapolates a calorie budget based on your vital statistic.


Best Calorie Tracker App


Current weight, height, and gender are taken in to give you a fair representation of your potential expenditure and needs.


Like MyFitnessPal, it has an extensive food database as well as a barcode scan option.


Lose It syncs up to more smart devices and wearable trackers for full-spectrum analysis and assistance.


Downloadable on Android and iOS.




Rise is unique in that it links you up to active, real-life fitness and diet professionals.


Best Calorie Tracker App


It’s basically a portal that links you up to real-time nutrition coaching by a registered dietician.


Rise is great because this system holds you accountable for your dietary choices while giving you well-sourced guidance from a practicing professional.


The app is a subscription service of $49/month and is available on iOS.




Fitbit is well known for its range of wearable tech.


Best Calorie Tracker App


The fitness trackers from this brand are so popular, the word “Fitbit” is almost ubiquitous in referring to a wearable fitness device.


But with great hardware comes a need for great software, and Fitbit does not disappoint.


Use the Fitbit app to input your diet events or analyze potential choices either through its extensive database of generic foods or through a barcode scanner.


It syncs well with the fitness aspect of your Fitbit experiencing, allowing you to keep your eye on the prize.


Available on Android and iOS for free.



Weight management can be an absolute chore, but there are no two ways about it, whether you’re trying to add muscle or lose weight, calculating your energy balance is crucial.


Having a trusted app help you manage this often tedious task is a real advantage, and we vouch for it!


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