Best Exercises For Bigger Biceps

Best bicep exercises – You’ve probably done a few bicep curls in your day.


Best bicep exercises


One of the most sought after muscles to build in terms of physique and aesthetics, the bicep has been the focus of many gym-goers.


It's fairly easy to target the bicep, but many people still struggle with achieving their desired results when it comes to growing this muscle.


It all boils down to how you target this muscle and the variety of methods you use to isolate bicep function for a quality workout.


In this article, we’re going to introduce you to some of our favorite biceps exercises which you can implement for better muscle building potential.


These exercises can be suited and scaled to your level.



Things to consider

A few considerations we can suggest would be to figure out your 1 rep max, or 1RM.

Best bicep exercises

This is the maximum force you are able to lift in a single bicep movement.


Best consult a qualified PT to help you figure this out.


The reason knowing your 1RM is important is because you will need to work with a percentage of this force for maximum hypertrophy results


The percentage of rage you might want to aim for is 65-75% 1RM with a rep range of 8 to 12 reps over 3 to 5 sets.


This will give you the best odds at building muscle.


Another important consideration is that you must try to focus on the eccentric or downward portion of each movement. This is where the challenge and thus the gains are made when it comes to a lot of bicep exercises.


So without more to say, let’s get into some arm exercises that will help you build your ideal biceps.



5 Best Bicep Exercises



Let’s start with a bodyweight staple, the chin-up.

Best bicep exercises

This is a stability conditioner, best bicep exercises especially on the eccentric phase were guiding your body down is mandatory for safe execution.


The compound nature of the chin-up makes it hard to master. It is hitting your lats and core along with the biceps.


You can implement progressive overload by adding weight as you adapt.



Cheat Curl

The cheat curl takes the principle of the strict bicep curl and upends it best bicep exercises.

Best bicep exercises

Strict bicep isolation demands as limited as possible reliance on momentum in order to achieve maximum contractile output.


The cheat curl allows for moderate use of momentum.


This is so that you expend less on the concentric phase and have enough juice to really do the work on the eccentric phase of a curl.



Banded Curl

Regular bicep curls, but with the added challenge of increased resistance at the top of the curl as provided by resistance bands.

Best bicep exercises

This increase in resistance as you complete the movement is an amazing way to push for better gains.



Standing cable curl

This one will work on deeper stability tissues along with targeting your bicep.

Best bicep exercises

The constant resistance and the unstable nature of cable tension allow you to focus on keeping things steady, thus laying the foundation for great bicep gains.



Incline curls.

The antithesis to the cheat curl, this one forces strict form whether you like it or not.

Best bicep exercises

You lay back on a bench about 45 degrees to the ground and have your arms hang vertically by your side with dumbbells in each hand.


From here perform regular curls at the hypertrophic recommendations we’ve given you.




So that’s 5 best bicep exercises to hammer away at the gym for maximum growth potential.


Remember it’s not just how your work out, it's also what you put in.


Nutrition is the real key, with exercise simply being the stimulant.


A caloric surplus and decent protein intake are what you will need.


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