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Is It Beneficial To Smoke Marijuana

Benefits of Recreational Marijuanas

Hi, Dr. Ron Eccles here again from life renu. This morning while I was at the gym doing my cardio part of the workout I was watching the news in order to catch up on what's happening in around the globe. I don't turn on the news any other time of the day so it's basically the only time I have to catch up with current events. Benefits of recreational marijuanas, I mainly listen to audio books because I don't want to waste any time and I want to be as productive as possible in order to keep my brain sharp and growing.



This morning, however, something blew my mind. There was a segment on Fox News in which they were discussing how Governor Cuomo is trying to legalize benefits of recreational marijuanas in the New York state. Don't worry, this won't be neither a defense nor an opposition of the legalization of recreational marijuana although I want you to consider the following: both of the experts who were debating the issue failed to mention if it's healthy or not to smoke marijuana or use recreational marijuana.


benefits of recreational marijuanas


At that moment I thought to myself that it's actually fascinating, since all you have to do is just look around a little bit and you'll find people like Dr. Daniel Eyman who has done exhaustive research on brain function showing that marijuana is unhealthy for the brain but not even one mention was made of it because, benefits of recreational marijuanas in my opinion, most experts and most people in the media are not looking out for your health.


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But, here at life renu we are committed to bringing you the current information that impacts your life and your overall health.


We've recently discussed brain health and how it's related to your gut. We are calling the brain, gut axis. If you have a healthy gut you will have an even healthier brain.


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