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Benefits And Dosage Of Fish Oil Supplements

Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements – A large number of people around the world take fish oil supplement on a daily basis and they are actually on the right track since fish oil supplements are helping by supporting your brain, heart, and eyes while at the same time providing aid by battling inflammation.

Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil is highly recommended by many doctors and high end healthcare practitioners but the problem people have is determining the right dosage for yourself in order to optimize your health and well being.


Reasons To Take Fish Oil Supplements

The main Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements to consider taking fish oil supplements is to become healthier since it has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids that are improving your heart protection.


These fatty acids aren’t being made in the body at all so the only way to get them is through our diets or using supplements that has them.


Depending on the Dosage Of Fish Oil Supplements you pick you might get an extra benefit because some of them also has the vitamin A which has a key role in our body, being an antioxidant and even vitamin D which improves your bone well being and your immune system.


Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements


Fish oil is an amazing wellspring of the EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which improve the functionality and development of the brain.


If you’re a fish lover and often eat oily fish you don’t have much to worry about but if occasionally skip eating fish you’re probably lacking EPA and DHA because these aren’t present in other food sources.


The omega-3 fatty acids present in other food sources are ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which aren’t as beneficial as the EPA and DHA.


Basically most diets originating in the western part of the world aren’t very rich in omega-3’s so getting a fish oil supplement is a really great move.


Proposed Dosage for Fish Oil Supplements

The actual Dosage Of Fish Oil Supplements you can take isn’t really set anywhere but the advised dosage for EPA and DHA and other omega-3’s should be somewhere between 250-500 mg combined per day.


Check out the label of the fish oil supplements to see how much of those you get so you don’t go under or over. Usually, there are around 300mg of EPA and DHA in 1000 mg of fish oil supplements.


People that are in good health should also consider taking fish oil supplements and the proper dosage for them would be around 1100 mg for women and 1600 mg for men.


Dosage Of Fish Oil Supplements


If you’re an adult you can safely take about 3000 mg of fish oil per day. Even though a healthy diet will get you omega-3’s in the form of ALA which aren’t as beneficial but still good since your body is able to convert the ALA into EPA and DHA.


However it’s highly unlikely that it will be enough for your body unless you eat a lot of oily fish on weekly basis.


If you’re considering giving your infant child omega-3’s make sure it’s not over 500 mg but it can be slowly upped as the child grows to its 14th year at which point he can take the adult dosage.


Basically what you want to take into consideration when getting a fish oil supplement for your child is to look for the ones that are specific for the age of the child in order to get them the right nutrients.


Fish Oil Supplements or Omega-3 Supplements?

The fish oil supplements are very rich on EPA and DHA omega-3’s and many of them are also rich with vitamin D and A while omega-3 supplements have a chance of not containing any EPA and DHA because of the source of their extraction.


If you find an omega-3 supplement that is extracted from sea algae, it will surely be rich with the right omega-3’s which are EPA and DHA, however, it’s more likely that fish oil supplements will have much higher amounts of EPA in them and plant based ones will be high in ALA.


As we previously mentioned you want the right omega-3’s despite all of them being beneficial. So you want to get supplements that are high on EPA and DHA and those are fish oil supplements or sea algae based omega-3 supplements but at the end of the day, fish oil supplements are slightly better because they tend to be higher in both EPA and DHA.


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Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements

Taking fish oil supplements to raise the amount of EPA and DHA you have will significantly improve your heart health.


The usual prescribed dose for people who have heart illnesses and are at risk of suffering from heart attack is as high as 1000 mg of EPA and DHA on a daily basis.


A recent study found that fish oil supplements are able to lower the triglycerides in your blood in case they were elevated, which directly impacts the risks of heart illnesses.

Dosage Of Fish Oil Supplements


Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements some research has also discovered that fish oil supplements are able to put you in a better overall mood which means it can help you battle depression.


Taking fish oil supplements regularly has shown that helps with inflammation in your body especially in the joints.


There was a research that supported this in which 75 individuals that had pain in their knee joints took 1000 mg of fish oil per day.


The fish oil had 200 mg of DHA and 400 mg of EPA and they had significant pain reliefs and they could use their knee joint much easier with a higher range of motion.



Basically, there’s a lot of research and studies out there that are in favor of using fish oil supplements because of the presence of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids which are very beneficial for all of us.


The dose you want to stick to is around 500 mg maximum per day and it should be combined of both EPA and DHA and supplementing this with a fish oil supplement is the best way to go since it contains the perfect amount.


Of course, make sure the dose is suitable for you or whoever you give it to (infants, children, pregnant women) since the dosage is different for all of them.


Lastly, you can also get some omega-3 supplements as well since they are also good but if you’re looking to increase your EPA and DHA levels, going for fish oil supplements is much better.



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