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6 Benefits of Fenugreek Extract

Benefits of Fenugreek – You may have heard of the many benefits of Fenugreek. In fact, the list of good things this plant can do for your health seems to be endless.

And it definitely lives up to its hype. So much so that LifeRenu has it feature in the Female Factor Ingredients.


Benefits of Fenugreek
Raw Organic Fenugreek Methi Leaves in a Basket


There is a lot of noise about Fenugreek however. With all the information out there you may still be wondering how exactly it benefits you.

So in this article, we’re going to break it down for you. But first, let’s get more acquainted with the plant itself.






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The Fenugreek Plant

Though it is native to southern Europe, Fenugreek is cultivated all over the world today. It is in the soy family and can be used for its leaves, stems, and seeds.

The plant has a sweet, maple syrupy aroma about it. This feature is so distinctive in fact, that in 2005 New-Yorkers feared aterrorist chemical warfare attack since they could smell it in the air. It was revealed that the smell was thankfully coming from a nearby fenugreek seed processing plant.

Speaking of the seeds, they are the part used most extensively. Imitation maple syrup, vanilla flavoring, and some spice blends contain it. Many soaps, cosmetics, and detergents also employ the seed for its delightful aroma.

Also, because of its great flavor, you can be really creative with how you want to take the herb. It makes a great addition to many recipes, but you can also down capsules of it if you prefer.


Fenugreek also has a great nutritional profile. It has good amounts of the following:

  • Iron

  • Biotin (vitamin B7)

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin D

  • Choline

  • Soluble and Insoluble Fiber



Fenugreek Extract benefits

Traditional medicine didn't pay attention to this plant for no good reason. Healers used the plant to help with reproductive, vitality, and organ ailments.

According to research, you can expect the following 6 benefits to your body by taking fenugreek, but always remember that your results will vary depending on the preparation, and to always consult your doctor first.



6 Benefits of Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek Extract



1.      Lower Blood Sugar levels.

Taking Fenugreek seed Extract has been shown to lower blood sugar to a degree. This could help with symptoms of type 2 diabetes, as well as assist in weight loss.

The most effective way to experience this effect was found in one study to be with 5-gram doses taken every day.

Its fiber content also allows for slower uptake of simple sugars, preventing spikes.



2.      Improved Libido and sexual satisfaction

Fenugreek seed extract preparations were found in some studies to improve both sex drive and sexual satisfaction.

In one study conducted on men, the seed extract increased the desire for sex and response to sexual stimuli. This effect was seen both in younger and older participants.

In studies conducted in women, seed extracts were found to improve the libido even in healthy women with a low drive.



3.      Reduced Period Pain

Taking seed powder, the first few days into the menstrual period showed a reduction in pain for women participating in the study.

Drinking a preparation of fenugreek seed soaked in water throughout the menstrual period also showed to be effective.



Every Day Is Leg Day



4.      Reduced Inflammation

Since Fenugreek contains high levels of anti-oxidants, it makes it great at helping with chronic inflammation when taken in any of its forms.

Reducing inflammation is always beneficial. Not only does it give you short term benefits such as lowered cortisol levels, but it also improves the long-term health and vitality of your organs.



5.      Easier Weight loss

We touched on the ability of fenugreek extract to lower blood sugar levels. This makes your body more willing to burn off fat helping you shed those pesky pounds faster.

What’s more, studies have shown Fenugreek teas to induce feelings of satiety. That extra slice of pizza will be a lot easier to resist now.

Fenugreek also contains Biotin (vitamin B6), the metabolism-boosting vitamin that further bolsters your body's ability to handle calories.

Combine Fenugreek with a legit exercise routine and you’re on your way to a slimmer you!



6.      Boosts Testosterone

Fenugreek tonics were given to men to improve their athletic performance in ancient times. Researchers are starting to figure out why.

Turns out that supplementing with the seed showed a boost in testosterone in men. This was seen physically as improvements in body composition, with mixed results in terms of improvements in strength and endurance

This boost does however explain the herb's ability to boost libido.

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