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The Benefits Of Calisthenics

Beginner calisthenics workout – There are many methods of training that can get you fit and strong.


Beginner calisthenics workout


Most methods produce a specific training effect or fitness adaptation while providing less stimulation for others.


But what if there was a system of training that hit you with an all-round training effect, hitting multiple aspects of fitness.


Imagine a training method that could provoke adaptations in endurance, strength, flexibility, and power.


Now imagine that method of training required little to no equipment and relied on nothing but your own body weight?


Welcome to calisthenics.


What Is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics as a system of exercise has existed for a very long time. In fact, its roots can be traced back to the ancient Greco-Roman era where it was established as a way to discipline the body and mind.


Beginner calisthenics workout


Today, calisthenics is a popular discipline sensationalized by seemingly superhuman feats of strength and the god-like physiques that come with it.


Calisthenics is a system of compound body weight training. By controlling one’s weight through a controlled flow of movement over multiple planes of movement, functional strength and balance are optimized.


Common Calisthenic Moves

Common movements in calisthenics include push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and planking it is beginner calisthenics workout.


Isometric holds, as well as slow and controlled concentric and eccentric movements, form the core of the exercises you’ll be exposed to.

Beginner calisthenics workout

Advanced moves such as strict hand balancing, horizontal levers, and muscle-ups are achieved through regular practice and progression, allowing a practitioner to perform beautiful techniques.


After all, the word calisthenics translates as “beautiful strength” from Latin.


In this article, we’re going to look at some of the amazing benefits calisthenics can give you.


5 Benefits Of Calisthenics Training

Increased Strength

As you would imagine, for beginner calisthenics workout getting strong comes with the territory when it comes to this method of training.


Beginner calisthenics workout


Specifically, you’ll be gaining bodyweight strength.


Having the ability to control and govern the weight you have to haul around every day is a huge achievement in terms of fitness and general well being.


It’s much more functional and easily translates into useful strength in other aspects.



Another remarkable benefit of calisthenics is how it can mold, shape and sculpt an athletic physique.


Beginner calisthenics workout


Compound movements through multiple planes allow you to target all areas of the body, providing an even distribution of mechanical stress.


This eventually results in a well-proportioned physique as you are training the body as a unit and not just individual muscle groups in isolation, easily leading to imbalance.


Improved Bone Density

Not only will your muscles grow larger and stronger, but your bones will too.


Beginner calisthenics workout


The benefits of mechanical stress and constant strength training are not lost on your bones.


You will trigger improved bone and joint health as a result of putting your skeletal system through its paces.


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Increased Muscular Endurance

The amount of control and maintenance of tension required to progress in calisthenics improves muscular endurance quite significantly with regular training, basically beginner calisthenics workout.


Experts in calisthenics are seen to perform crazy techniques such as human flags and planches (a sort of horizontal handstand)


This level of endurance is developed over time and is in the grasp of anyone willing to spend the time training.


Improved Neuromuscular Stimulation

Another great advantage of calisthenics is the improvement in neuromuscular function.


Your muscles have the potential to do great things, but they need to be activated in order to do them. Simply having muscles doesn’t grant you the ability to use them.


Otherwise, physique athletes would be the best athletes in general.


Beginner calisthenics workout


You activate muscles by innervating motor units.


Think of motor unit recruitment as though your body is a large apartment complex, each muscle is an apartment unit. Some of those units are occupied, meaning there is activity, while others are vacant.


Innervating motor units is like occupying empty apartment units and turning on the utilities, making them active.


Calisthenics helps you achieve this, allowing for greater body control, awareness, and coordination.



Calisthenics is a great way to engage your fitness needs in a fun and immersive way.


Observing yourself grow in a discipline of unique skills is so rewarding beyond just the physiological benefits you will inevitably gain.


And what’s more, you don’t need a gym to do it.

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