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Empty Barbell Push Press How To Work Out With No Load

Barbell push press – When you hit the gym, you’re met with an assortment of equipment. Some of it is pretty complex, requiring a bit of guidance and repetition to get used to, other equipment is pretty straightforward and easy to get a handle on.


barbell push press


When it comes to easy to use equipment, few are more straightforward than the barbell (no pun intended).


This nifty metal beam is designed to hold an array of weight plates, balanced at each end for scalable resistance options, allowing for a multitude of different workouts.


Bench presses, squats, and deadlifts are your staple barbell push press exercises, but many different exercises and variations therein exist for this useful tool.



The Brilliance of the Barbell, however, is not in its weight-bearing capacity. Although this is definitely its chief attribute, the barbell’s true secret power is its ability to be used without any weight.


It has just as many, if not more different uses empty than it does when loaded.



Why An Empty Barbell?

The reason why training with an empty barbell is so great is that the lack of load on either end, an empty barbell can be used in a variety of different positions, holds, and movements.


barbell push press


The great thing about this is that even though the bar is empty, it doesn’t mean it’s weightless.


Barbell compound In fact, an empty barbell can present a worthy resistance challenge if used correctly.


It can also be used as a way to ease into the more intense barbell, loaded exercises by helping you adjust to correct form and technique.


In this article, we’re going to look at some empty barbell.



5 Amazing Empty Barbell Exercises


1. Deadlift

The classic deadlift is a great way to activate the lower back and posterior leg muscles.


barbell push press


When done with an empty bar, the focus is on correct form an innervating the right motor units (muscle activation)


Place the Barbell at your fee which should be shoulder-width apart. barbell push press bend over, with slight flexion in the knees and a neutral spine, and grip and lift the bar up until you’re in an upright position, slightly thrusting your hips forward and focusing on the glutes and hamstrings…


Lower the bar back down to complete one rep.



2. Barbell Press

The bench press is one of the staples of any gym-based strength or hypertrophy program.


barbell push press


Barbell compound when doing it with an empty bar, the emphasis is on the activation of your chest and deltoid muscles for correct stability and balance.


Lie on your back on a workout bench with your hands gripping the bar shoulder-width apart. The bar must be in line with your mid-chest region.


Perform one rep by pushing up to full extension, then lowering down again.



3. Lateral Barbell Passes

This stability crusher would not be a good idea with a loaded bar. That’s why it's a uniquely empty bar experience.


barbell push press


This will help activate the shoulder and upper back stability through the lateral axis.


Start with one hand holding the bar in the middle in a vertical position. barbell push press your arm should be fully extended, holding the bar as far out as possible and off the ground.


From here draw the barbell in and pass it to your free hand.


Draw the bar out until it is extended out on the opposite side.


Repeat the first step until you’re back in your first position to complete one rep.



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4. One Arm Barbell lifts

This one is a great rotator cuff conditioner.

barbell compound

Hold the bar in the center with one hand next to your hip. barbell push press the bar should be parallel to the ground and pointing forwards.


From here, flex your elbow forward while also rotating your shoulder forward to bing the barbell up. From here, lift and push it till your arms are extended and it is raised above your head.


Gradually bring it down to complete the rep. Make sure you alternate arms.



5. Barbell Rows

Like traditional rows, this one is designed to target your upper back musculature, but unlike the loaded row, which will boost strength, endurance or hypertrophy, this one is aimed at your form and technique, which translates into better balance and stability.


barbell compound


To do this one, you need to position yourself and the barbell as if you were going for deadlifts.


Barbell compound this time, when you bend over and grab the bar, instead of hoisting yourself up on your hip axis, you simply maintain a bent-over position and row the barbell up towards your chest and back down again.


Make sure the barbell doesn’t touch your shins during the rep.



Things To Consider

One Important consideration is your rep range. These exercises are aimed at improving balance, alignment, form, and technique.


That means a rep range of 12 – 15 reps per set with 4-6 sets is ideal.


When doing exercises that alternate sides, remember that one rep is a complete alternation and not just the execution on one side.




So it’s easy to see that the barbell is more versatile than you may have figured.


Barbell push press you can get so much out of just this one piece of equipment with or without weights loaded.


Without weights, the barbell becomes a functional conditioning tool that can help with the more subtle aspects of fitness.

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