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Diabetes Herbal Cure – Lower Blood Glucose Levels Naturally

Ayurvedic Herbs For Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the greatest health crises of modern times. Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes, across the world, diabetes is a caused for decreased quality of life and even death. While there are many risk factors that contribute to the advent of diabetes such as genetic, environmental or lifestyle related, the most common cause is poor lifestyle habits, especially those that concern proper diet.


ayurvedic herbs for diabetes


Diabetes manifests in two forms. Type one, which is far less common and its cause is largely unknown outside of probable genetic factors, and the more prevalent type two diabetes. Type two diabetes is as mentioned, typically the result of a poor diet as well as other lifestyle habits such as a lack of physical activity and obesity. Diabetes results in the body’s inability to regulate blood glucose levels due to an insulin resistance and collapse of the pancreatic insulin production system. This shutdown of a very vital function leads to a plethora of pathological disruptions in life essential systems. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, dementia and even blindness can all come about as a result of diabetes.



With all the damning prospects diabetes presents, if you’re living with the condition, you might feel like all this information spells doom and gloom. However, millions of people with type 2 diabetes have managed to pull it together and live very fulfilling lives, uninhibited by the presumed limitations of diabetes. Without the excessive use of expensive drugs, treatments and hospital visits, you can lead a health life and even reverse the effects of diabetes. All this can be achieved by simply turning to Nature. Replacing certain things in your drug cabinet with stuff commonly found in your spice cabinet.


As far fetched as that might sound, it’s true. Herbs and spices, even some really common ones, have profound anti diabetic properties. Having been use for hundreds and even thousands of years, many herbs have gained their popularity not just as a delicious seasoning to your favourite dish, but for their healing properties. The very chemical compounds that give some of these aromatic plants their tastes and smells are what also makes them powerful herbs for diabetes cure.



Top 3 Herbs for Diabetes Cure


Holy Basil.

ayurvedic herbs for diabetes


Holy basil is plant with an ancient eastern heritage. Scientifically known as ocimum sanctum, it forms the cornerstone of Ayurveda medicine, an ancient form of holistic medicine that dates back thousands of years.

Holy basil is not and unknown entity to the fight against diabetes. Its usefulness in this regard is well understood in the medical science community, but not many people are familiar with its use as a treatment.


Its efficacy against type two diabetes is present in three ways:

It naturally decreases blood glucose levels. As you may well know, chronic excess blood glucose is the main precursor for diabetes

It boosts activity of the pancreatic beta cells responsible for insulin production. A decline in insulin production is one of the leading problems with diabetes. This results in the need for an exogenous (external) insulin supply, often requiring uncomfortable use of injectable insulin.

Last but certainly not least, Holy basil decreases risk of cardiovascular disease. Complications associated with the heart and circulatory system are the leading cause of diabetes related death. So even with diabetes present, you can diminish the majority of subsequent complications that result from it.


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ayurvedic herbs for diabetes


Rosemary is one of the most common herbs you’ll ever come across. If you’ve ever had a decent roast chicken or goulash, chances are you've had a nice kick of rosemary to accompany it. This herb is easy to source and just as easy to grow yourself. What you may not have known is how amazing it is as one of the herbs for diabetes cure.


Rosemary’s primary usefulness is in its ability to decrease blood glucose levels. This helps reverse insulin resistance for a better chance at defeating diabetes. Second to this is rosemary’s usefulness in lowering bad cholesterol, known as LDL cholesterol. This form of cholesterol is known to cause plaque deposits in the arteries that result in atherosclerosis, leading to hypertension and heart disease.


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ayurvedic herbs for diabetes


Most of the healing qualities of the herbs and spices discussed here may seem like magic. When it comes to sage however, many actually believe it to be a magical herb. Used as a means to ward off negative forces in ancient spiritual practice, sage has help a title not held by many other herbs. Whatever the case, one thing is certain, sage has a powerful anti diabetic property


These small green aromatic leaves have a sweet flavour and smell. You can grow them at home or buy them fresh or dried in your local supermarket. Always best to source organic sage though.


Sage’s power lies in its ability to lower blood glucose levels drastically. This powerful  lowering of blood glucose has been reputed to act in a similar way to Metformin. Metformin is a popular drug whose efficacy is in its ability to lower blood glucose significantly. It is very powerful in this regard and sage stands toe to toe when it comes to this action. Its therefore wise to moderate use of sage for blood glucose, because just as hyperglycaemia (excess blood glucose) is a problem, the same can be said for the opposite (hypoglycaemia)


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Ayurvedic Herbs For Diabetes


Ayurvedic Herbs For Diabetes



Type two diabetes is a lifestyle disease brought on mainly by poor dietary choices. It makes sense that a good starting point in reversing it is by reversing the quality of your diet. By implementing these potent superfoods, you’re not only optimising your diabetes management protocol, you may also be avoiding the side effects associated with common diabetic drugs while also saving a bit of money on the side.


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