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Ashwagandha for Anxiety and Depression

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha for Anxiety and Depression

Ashwagandha Dosage For Anxiety – Ashwagandha is actually a herb and an important ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time because it has a lot of benefits and therapeutic usage. It’s known to aid with the relief of numerous health issues and keeps the body in harmony which has been the primary goal of this 5000 years old system that aims to help people remain in good health without the utilization of synthetic drugs.


The benefits Ashwagandha offers are very well known among individuals that practice traditional and ancient medicine. What it actually does to your body is providing you with a lot of anti-oxidants and it generally acts as a very strong anti-inflammatory drink which helps with a wide spectrum of issues that are caused by inflammation.


It belongs to a category of adaptogenic Herbs which basically means that it improves the balance, safeguards and regenerates the body, helps with stress and some utilize ashwagandha for anxiety and depression.


It would be a great benefit to utilize ashwagandha for dosage anxiety and depression as well as stress and supporting the body’s healing abilities, so the sooner you fit this herb in your daily eating regimen the sooner you’ll feel the advantageous effects it offers.


Advantageous Effects of Ashwagandha Tea

ashwagandha for anxiety and panic attacks

1.Aids in overcoming Adrenal Fatigue
In case you have daily issues with brain for, fatigue, random food cravings or/and mood swings then you’re probably have adrenal fatigue issues.
It’s a byproduct of three types of Stress, physical, mental and emotional, and it impacts your adrenals in a way that they lose their ability to properly discharge hormones especially adrenaline and cortisol.


Because of the stress you suffer on a daily bases, your adrenals are very tired and can’t produce hormones to achieve balance.


Research done on animals discovered that ashwagandha helps to reverse majority of the biological changes that are brought on by huge stress such as higher cortisol levels and adrenal weight.


2.Battles Stress and Anxiety
Since ashwagandha tea acts as an adaptogen that lowers the unwanted symptoms of high cortisol levels, it aids in reducing the indications of Anxiety and extreme stress. Ashwagandha dosage for anxiety also aids your body by bettering your resilience against any sort of stress and it’s been found that it betters the quality of life.


3.Betters Your Mood
Because of the previously mentioned benefits of this herb and the fact that it has adaptogenic properties it also acts as a natural mood balancer. The effects of ashwagandha for Anxiety and depression are actually because of those properties which help the body go through the mental, emotional and physical reactions to extreme stress.


4.Improves Immune Capacity
There a chance that ashwagandha tea can aid with lowering inflammation and improving immune capacity because it stimulates the immunoglobulin creating. It acts by suppressing cytokines which are causing inflammation and that way it creates an anti-inflammatory environment.


5.Betters Focus and Concentration
It stimulates the brain to increase its capacity and function while decreasing the production of stress hormones. Another thing it’s battling is pain especially one that is created by inflammation or extreme stress.


6.Betters Sexual Capacity
Ashwagandha acts as a natural aphrodisiac and it also acts to mend any sexual dysfunction while increasing the levels of testosterone in males. Research have also discovered that utilizing this herb also increases semen volume, sperm count and motility which results in increased fertility.


Ashwagandha For Anxiety and Depression


Probably the most known fact about ashwagandha dosage for anxiety is the ability to completely deal with stress or substantial suppress it. Some studies found that it actually clogged the stress pathways in the brain because of its ability to regulate the chemical signals in the nervous system in a research done on rats.


A few studies done on humans presented that ashwagandha can decrease the indications in people that suffer from anxiety or stress disorders. Another research that lasted for two months and involved individuals with extreme stress reported that about 69% of them experienced a decrease in anxiety levels and Insomnia contrasted to the 11% of the ones that were in the placebo group.


Another similar study revealed that 88% of the individuals that consumed ashwagandha experienced a decrease in their anxiety levels contrasted to 50% in the placebo group.


Although there has to be further testing and research ashwagandha might be able to reduce Depression. In a controlled research that lasted for 60 days and involved 64 individuals who were suffering from severe stress, the ones that consumed 600mg of ashwagandha extract every day showed a 79% decrease when dealing with depression and the group that took placebo showed a 10% increase.


Where Can I Get Ashwagandha For Anxiety and Depression?

ashwagandha dosage for anxiety

Usually ashwagandha for anxiety and depression is easily accessible since it can be found in almost all grocery stores you have nearby. What you want to do when buying ashwagandha is to pick a brand that you are familiar with to ensure you get a good quality item.


Usually you can make your pick between ashwagandha tea or the entire herb with different adaptogens that would support lowering stress and relaxing.


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How To Use Ashwagandha Dosage For Anxiety and Depression?

Ashwagandha for Anxiety and Depression

To get the advantageous medical substances present in ashwagandha you’ll have to place one bag in a small pot with a cup of water. ashwagandha dosage for anxiety. Bring the water to a boil and afterwards decrease the heat and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.


In case you want a quick stress release then put one ashwagandha tea bag into a hot water and allow it to steep for about 5 minutes.


To get the most out of ashwagandha tea, consume a cup of it daily for a period of 6 months and afterwards take a 3 month break.


Possible Ashwagandha Side Effects

ashwagandha for anxiety and panic attacks

When consuming ashwagandha dosage for anxiety and depression it’s important to note that the safe period of time for humans is 6 months. Usually after that time frame it’s best to take a break from consuming ashwagandha.


Although if you’re not regularly consuming the tea (a cup every day) and you’re just drinking it on occasions where you need a stress relief or you need it to relax then the long break is unnecessary.


Some individuals might have unwanted side effects when consuming ashwagandha tea such as Diarrhea, vomiting and upset stomach. If anything of the sort happens when you drink it, just stop immediately.


Also for women who are breast feeding or pregnant it’s unwise to consume any type of ashwagandha. It’s best to consult your specialist before taking ashwagandha for anxiety and depression in any form especially for people who take other drugs for Blood pressure, diabetes and so on.

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