DC and Sarah

About DC and Sarah Fawcett

My first experience with dementia or Alzheimer’s was when we went to visit Sarah’s grandmother for the 1st time. She lived in a nursing home in Boston.

Physically she looked very healthy for a 90+ year old woman. She had beautiful skin, nails and hair. But she didn’t know who anyone was. She didn’t even know who her own son was.

On the other hand, my grandmother was born and raised in Italy, one the healthiest blue zones on earth. Her family ran a farm and they ate off the land. True Organic Living. They drank goat milk and ate grapes, figs, and other foods they grew themselves.

My grandmother was 101 years old when she passed and had no signs of Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

All the research and the documentation is out there proving that inflammation caused by the crap we put in our bodies is directly linked to brain illnesses and diseases…. but it wasn’t until my grandmother passed when it clicked for me that Blue Zone living is the key to living a longer healthy life free of illnesses and brain diseases.

I became extremely passionate about health and wellness when I realized how bad the food is we’re putting in our bodies on a daily basis. I’ve never been obese, and I’ve always thought I was fairly healthy.

I’ve exercised on and off my whole life and I always thought I could eat whatever I wanted because I exercised. I never knew the toll the processed foods, fast foods, gluten, artificial sugars, diet sodas, and the sprayed crops were taking on the inside of my body.


Now I know, and I’m dedicated to getting that information to you and your loved ones with the help of my dear friend Dr. Ron Eccles. We are BLUEZONERS.