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Our Mission is to help people feel, look and live young again.

We’re committed to empowering men and women on how to optimize their lives through proper Nutrition, Exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits. We call this the BLUE ZONE Lifestyle

We believe this is the best way to prevent the onset of the major brain diseases of our time such as dementia and alzheimers. We believe the BLUE ZONE Lifestyle can dramatically reduce the symptoms of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other mental and physical health issues.

If you are suffering from a major health condition, It’s not your fault. We believe the biggest culprit of these health conditions was caused by Big Food and Big Pharma.

This is why we created the BLUE ZONE Lifestyle!

Meet LifeRenu Founders

Dr. Ron Eccles

About Dr. Ron Eccles DC, DABCO, DACAN

A 1983 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic.  Board Certified in Orthopedics and Neurology and Board Eligible in Sports Injury.

With more than 3 decades of professional experience as doctor, post-graduate instructor, teacher speaker and business consultant I am committed to empowering men and women on how to optimize their lives through proper nutrition, exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits through the BLUE ZONE Lifestyle.

Knowledge is only potential power. It’s only when we put our knowledge into practice that we begin to achieve the positive results we desire.

As a husband, father, grandfather, son, brother and friend I have a personal agenda to live a long, quality life helping others do the same.

At age 52, I was 25+ pounds overweight and heading toward heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. I had a serious addiction to sugar and couldn’t out-exercise my poor diet.I was overweight and in a state of inflammation and toxicity.  I was at a crossroad!Taking control of my health, I started eating to live, taking better supplements and retraining my brain to crave healthy lifestyle habits. As a result, I broke my lifelong sugar addiction, dropped 30+ pounds and massively increased my energy level.

At 60, I feel like I’m in my prime of my life. I’m fit and healthy despite my gene pool. My goal is live till 105 (subject to change on my 104th Birthday) with maximized quality!


I believe you and I have the ability to “stack the deck in our favor” (one of my favorite sayings) and live a healthier, higher quality life by making some common-sense lifestyle changes.

DC & Sarah Fawcett

About DC and Sarah Fawcett

My first experience with dementia or Alzheimer’s was when we went to visit Sarah’s grandmother for the 1st time. She lived in a nursing home in Boston.

Physically she looked very healthy for a 90+ year old woman. She had beautiful skin, nails and hair. But she didn’t know who anyone was. She didn’t even know who her own son was.

On the other hand, my grandmother was born and raised in Italy, one the healthiest blue zones on earth. Her family ran a farm and they ate off the land. True Organic Living. They drank goat milk and ate grapes, figs, and other foods they grew themselves.

My grandmother was 101 years old when she passed and had no signs of Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

All the research and the documentation is out there proving that inflammation caused by the crap we put in our bodies is directly linked to brain illnesses and diseases…. but it wasn’t until my grandmother passed when it clicked for me that Blue Zone living is the key to living a longer healthy life free of illnesses and brain diseases.

I became extremely passionate about health and wellness when I realized how bad the food is we’re putting in our bodies on a daily basis. I’ve never been obese, and I’ve always thought I was fairly healthy.

I’ve exercised on and off my whole life and I always thought I could eat whatever I wanted because I exercised. I never knew the toll the processed foods, fast foods, gluten, artificial sugars, diet sodas, and the sprayed crops were taking on the inside of my body.


Now I know, and I’m dedicated to getting that information to you and your loved ones with the help of my dear friend Dr. Ron Eccles. We are BLUEZONERS.

Remember, It’s Not Just How Long You Live, It’s How Well You Live!

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