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5 Most Common Reasons People Hit A Weight Loss Plateau

Why did I stop losing weight?


Sometimes in life, it's hard to keep pushing towards a greater goal. The same is true when it comes to health, specifically when it comes to weight loss.


The amount of pressure that comes with wanting to lose weight can present some seemingly insurmountable challenges if you don't make yourself aware of the variables at play.


Sometimes, people on a weight loss program can backslide and relapse back to their starting weight, but other times, they don't relapse, but rather, stagnate.


If you ask us, going backward is better than not moving at all. At least then you can tell that you let yourself go a bit.


But when you plateau, despite the fact that you’re doing everything you think you should be doing, it can be a real spirit breaker.



When Do You Know You’ve Plateaued?

You know you’ve hit a plateau simply by the fact that nothing is changing, progressing or improving.


You look, feel and weigh the same despite giving your current program the same dedicated push you’ve been giving it all along.


But maybe that's the problem. Doing what you’ve been doing all along.



When the Going Gets Tough: How do you Beat the Slump

So the verdict is, you need to switch things up and work around your plateau. You will very often realize that a plateau in outcomes is actually the result of a plateau in inputs.


Change what you do and your results will change with it. Before you can start making the necessary changes though, you will need to understand what specific aspects of your health have led to the plateau.


This article will help you gain some insight into what it is that causes weight loss plateaus so you know where to start and how to improve your approach.

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Let's now take a look at what’s behind your weight loss plateau.



5 Causes of a Weight Loss Slump


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1. Reduced Metabolic Rate

When you have been a certain weight for some time, then your body loses that weight, you don't just simply go about your day with business as usual, just a few pounds lighter.


Your body has grown accustomed to a certain way of being, and when that way is changed for whatever reason, your body gets confused and has a mini panic attack.


This panic attack comes in the form of a hormonal response to the brain that effectively lowers your metabolic rate and increases your appetite.


This is known as the metabolic set point. Your body’s preferred maintenance weight which is managed by self-regulation of metabolic rate depending on weight fluctuation.


Your body wants to get back to a familiar size, regardless of what you want and know to be healthy. So when you get bigger, your metabolism spikes and your appetite decreases, when you lose weight, the inverse happens.



2. Inadequate training stimulus

Einstein once said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.


Why did we mention this timeless quote? Well, the reason you might be experiencing a plateau is that your body is being inadequately stimulated during exercise.


If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you won’t get far.


The solution to this is to change your training stimuli. This gives your body a new experience, and your metabolism a new challenge.



3. Lack of motivation and Discipline

One of the biggest battlegrounds in all this weight loss business is the battle of focus, motivation, and discipline.


Either through the complacency of initial good results or the impatience towards meeting the goal. Lack of motivation and discipline can hinder progress and stop you in your tracks.


The thing with weight loss is in order to sustain it and reach or even surpass your goals, you need to rewire your entire way of thinking and being.


This means a total shift in attitude and habits that some just cannot grasp.


Combining your weight loss journey with some mindfulness training may be beneficial. It is also important to remember that weight loss is a mental health journey too.



4. Losing Track Of Nutrition

Losing focus on your diet is a very easy slope to slip down. You can sneak in a cookie or brownie now and again, thinking it won't affect you much, but many little things soon become one big thing.


Another challenge is simply the fact that life happens, for better or for worse. It might be the festive season, and you can’t help but take part in the ceremonial food binges that traditionally ensue. Or you might be going through a tough break-up or stressful time at work, and a tub of ice cream a day keeps the feelings away.


Whatever the case, nutrition is something you must keep tabs on at all costs is you want to avoid the dreaded plateau.



5. Age and Genetics

This last one is a bit different from the others because it deals with unavoidable factors, age, and genetic profile.


There’s no way of beating time or your ingrained genetic makeup.


So you’re probably wondering what the point is in mentioning these at all?


Well, you first need to be aware that these factors can be a reason behind your plateau. That's just so you don't beat yourself up and misdirect your efforts.


It's also fair to note that even if you can't beat these aspects of your physiological reality, you can still improve certain parts of your routine and strategy that can help you work around them and significantly limit their influence on your weight loss goals.



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Now that you know the 5 most prevalent reasons behind hitting a fat loss slump, we hope that you can apply this knowledge.


If you want to know how, please check out our article on the “4 Most Effective Ways To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau”


Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions, or if you just have something nice to say.


All the best of health.


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