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4 Best Keto Meat Bars

These snacks actually go by a lot of different names among which are Meaty Keto Bars, Manly man bars, Meat snacks or Meat Bars, and they are actually low carb keto friendly bars. They are easy to take with you because of their convenient packaging and can be taken traveling, hiking, jogging or anywhere you think you might be in need of a snack.

These keto friendly meat Bars are one of our recommended snacks to consume on a regular basis because they are very flavorful, are full of nutrients and don’t have to be refrigerated.

They are a bit high on salt just like all jerky bar items are so make sure you bring water with you to stay hydrated.

The following rundown is comprised of the bars we’ve tasted and think are the best choices

4 Best Keto Bars/Keto Meat Sticks


1. Epic Meat Bars

Best Keto Meat Bars

This brand focuses on high quality products and exotic meats which they also incorporate in their Epic Bar. They offer a bunch of flavors but the one we recommend is the Chichen Sriracha which has 1g net carb in total.

It has a strong flavor with a salty and cured taste which is quite complex because of the slight tang. In case you’re not too crazy about spicy foods this may not be the flavor for you because of the sriracha which has quite a kick.

  1. Tanka Meat Bars

Best Keto Meat Bars

This brand offers a very tasty product which tastes kind of like traditional smoked meat. They use buffalo meat which is a good thing because buffalo is mostly raised in a pastured-grazed settings. It’s ranked below the Epic bar mostly because it is a bit higher on net carbs which comes to about 5-6g per bar.


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  1. Mighty Meat Bars

Best Keto Meat Bars

What stands out about this brand is the fact that they use Grass-fed Organic Beef and if you’ve ever tried that one you’ll know that it’s really one of the best. Even though they use this great and expensive type of meat they are not too pricey.

It has a bit of a sweet flavor to it compared to other bars on this list even though it only has 3g net carbs per bar.

  1. Cave Man Meat Bars

Best Keto Meat Bars

These are extremely similar to the Epic bars since they both use similar compounds and are Paleo-friendly, however the reason why they are ranked lower on our rundown is because we like the texture better of the Epic Bar.

The flavor that has the least carbs is the Smoked Jalapeno that comes at 5g net carbs per bar. It’s a little bit on the higher side of total net carbs but sometimes you have to sacrifice net carbs for what tastes best for you.


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