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10+ Carb Free Keto Snacks

I’m confident that you’ve came across a lot of extremely low-carb nourishments but in this no carb rundown we’ll give the spotlight only to the snacks that have absolutely carb free keto snacks. This rundown will help you whether you are a snack lover and want to eat a lot or you’re extremely strict with your carb tally, the items on this rundown will surely fit your needs. A bonus here is that you won’t have to search the entire internet for recipes to prepare because this rundown is made of all packaged snacks.

Carb Free Keto Snacks

What one nourishment need to get on this rundown?

It has to be:

  • Without net carbs
  • Average protein levels
  • Moderately high in fat and low in PUFAs
  • Flavorful


1.Liberated Cheddar Crackers

Carb Free Keto Snacks

A no carb cheddar cracker can officially be found on the market and it’s the Liberated Cheddar Crackers which has only 4 compounds: organic eggs, cheddar cheese, almond flour and sea salt. These saltines are one of the items that you must try especially if you’re trying out a low carb diet and you need those type of snacks.

It’s really amazing when you try it because it has the perfect cheddary crunchiness that will satisfy your cravings. Their taste is very similar to Cheez-it.


There’s no way that you expected that any type of dessert serving would make it to a number two spot in a no carb rundown but it’s true.

This cake is not only keto friendly but it’s also very delicious and doesn’t lack in texture or taste which makes it feel like the real thing.

The sweetener they use are stevia and erythritol and the compounds are fiber-based blend of oat and flax along with eggs.

The best flavor we encountered is Lemon which tastes similar to a lemon pound cake closely followed by Tangerine flavor which is actually very close to the lemon flavored one. On our scale the third has to e the Coconut flavored one and in case you like the coconut flavor this is just the one for you because you get a really noticeable coconut flavor.

3.Eden Organics Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Carb Free Keto Snacks

This pumpking seeds are the only ones that fit on our no carb snacks rundown because it has absolutely no net carbs.

If you’re looking for a low carb snack you can have on the go this one is perfect for you because it’s an easy and tasty snack and it’s available on Amazon in a portable and re-sealable packaging.

It’s great to have a bag of these snacks with you at all times, like in your car or purse, in case you stay somewhere longer than expected and you don’t have anything considered “keto friendly” to eat.

The spice used is derived from cayenne mixed with some Asian flare from garlic and tamari soy sauce. Either way they taste amazing and are one of our preferable no carb snacks.

In case you don’t like spicy food there’s one that is only dry roasted and salted.

4.4505 Chicharrones

Natural no carb nourishments like cracklings and pork rinds can be pillars when you’re on a keto diet. The surface is like chips and delivers on satisfying you needs for crunchiness and they are also very tasty. What’s most important is that most of them doesn’t have net carbs per serving so you can choose any and not make a mistake.

The Jalapeno Cheddar flavor is one of our favorites despite trying a bunch of different kinds of pork rinds because of the taste similar to white cheddar puff with a kick.

Another delicious flavor is the Smokehouse BBQ because it has a sweet tanginess. Good thing about this flavor is that the seasoning is quite lean.

5. Salami & Cheese

Carb Free Keto Snacks

Salami and provolone or string cheese is absolutely one of the easiest and most flavorful snacks out there. The best salami taste in my opinion is the Olli Pre-Sliced Calabrese Salami because they are very convenient and complement with cheese when you want a filling and flavorful snack. It’s kind of like ordering a pepperoni pizza and only eating the pepperoni and cheese neglecting the carb loaded base.

The salami and cheese contain a total of 0 net carbs so it’s extremely keto friendly.

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6.SeaSnax Seaweed Snacks

Even though I know seaweed sounds kind of weird I’m thinking it would be very similar to eating salted lettuce and in some ways it is so since there aren’t many calories in them. The reason it’s on this rundown is because it’s an excellent snack when you’re eating something without really eating.

I know it’s confusing but the explanation is that the entire pack is just 15 total calories and has no net carbs at all even though they are extremely flavorful and crunchy. Additionally these are the best no carb snack for diabetics and ketoers.

The best way to describe these is probably by their motto: “Strangely Addictive!” so go ahead and give them a try.

7.Parm Crisps Cheese Crisps

This is the most versatile snack food because you can both eat them plain without any dips and they also taste great with any type of dip. Usually these are comprised of Parmesan cheese and come in a variety of flavorful spices and herbs.

Even though there are a large number of cheese crisps being released on a daily basis the ParmCrisps from Kitchen Table Bakers are the ones that have no net carbs and are amazing snack food.

8.People’s Choice Beef Jerky – Original

The only one of all the jerky brands that made the our rundown of no carb snacks is the People’s Choice Beef Jerky because many of the other brands available sneak in high quantities of sugar and carbs.

There are a bunch of different flavors but we prefer the Original ones. They are great in many occasions like when going hiking or going to the gym.

9.Tuna & Mayo

Many people would neglect the tuna from their diet but it’s actually an easy to prepare snack that you can enjoy. There’s an option to cut up some pickles and even add some mustard to make it even more flavorful.

Using the Sir Kensington’s Avocado Mayo which is made with Avocado Oil will guarantee that you get a great taste and not get loads of PUFAs. Sticking with wild-caught fish is also preferable.

In case you really don’t like tuna you can change it with hardboiled egg and make a salad or maybe with chicken.

10.Macadamia – Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia Milk

In case you need to increase your fat intake for your food regimen the Macadamia is the best way to go. They produced the perfect Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia milk and it tastes amazing. It’s quite tasty even on its own and especially with your tea or coffee. It’s definitely the right way to begin your day and boost the ketone machine to burn more fat as fuel. Since it’s on this rundown it contains zero carbs.

11.String Cheese

Carb Free Keto Snacks

This type of cheese has no carbs at all and it’s a very quick and simple way to satisfy your daily snack needs. It’s best to go for the full fat versions because they are much tastier and will keep you satisfied for much longer instead of picking the options with reduced fat.

12.Hard Boiled Eggs

Another pillar that will surely keep you filled up, doesn’t have any carbs and have a healthy amount of protein that helps with hunger are the hard boiled eggs. The great thing about these eggs is that a lot of companies started producing this awesome keto friendly snack in a compact package that can be taken on-the-go.




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